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Fuel/air ratio adjustment 2002 Prado ?

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  • Fuel/air ratio adjustment 2002 Prado ?

    Hi and thanks for reading this.

    My 2002 3.4 litre Prado, owned since new and now with 175,000 Ks on it, is getting pretty smelly at start up, and using more fuel than usual. Its regularly serviced, if not over-serviced (ex -aircraft mech). So things like air cleaner, maf sensor, spark plugs are clean.

    This model Prado does not have an oxygen sensor. It does have a small CO sensor adjacent to the aircleaner attached to the engine bay wall by a bracket , and is , according to my manual, supposed to be adjustable by using a Toyota special tool #09243-00020

    I cant find that tool anywhere online (to buy), and I cant see down the small hole in the top of the sensor to see what the adjuster looks like (the manual says its a screw). Something solid is down there, but it doesn't feel like a screw of any common type. The special tool pic in the link looks like a very small 'socket' end to mate with the 'screw'.

    The plastic housing of the sensor indicates by "Lean" and "Rich" arrows that it is indeed adjustable.

    I thought that the top of the sensor might be what is supposed to be adjustable , i.e the 2 slots in the round projection, but it appears that it is part of the top itself, I mean, not 'turn-able'. But why put the slots there ? However, Im not going to try to move it until I get some replies here.

    Can anyone shed some light on this please ?
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    Anyone ?


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      Hey mate, I've played around with that thing before, a mechanic told me its just an Allen key but i never noticed anything moving inside or any difference in the car.
      I'm gonna have another look at it tomorrow and i'll let you know how i go.