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  • Starts then dies

    Hey guys looking for some advice. I have an 02 Prado 90 Series, VZJ95R - 5Vz-FE. Last night driving home , it begun to stall I could feel no acceleration was happening until it died. I had a look under the bonnet for a bit (5 minutes maybe) then tried to start it again. It started and I could accelerate it, then dies in about 30 seconds. I found I could do that several times. I immediately thought MAF sensor so I gave it a clean but still no difference, plus it wasn't really dirty.
    How do I check error codes in this thing?
    Bad fuel pump?
    Crank position sensor?
    MAP sensor if the Prados even have one?
    Idle controller, and where is it?
    Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated cheers.

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    Fuel pump (which you can verify simply by using the sub tank), or fuel pressure regulator.
    IAC (idle control valve, which is on the bottom of the throttle body) - this can get gummed up with crap so worth checking and cleaning.
    Igniter module, if this is bad then it could cause stalling issues.
    TPS (back of the throttle body) - this has been found to cause a lot of low power type issues but I've not heard it associated with stalling.

    There is no MAP sensor on the VZJ95, and I would guess if the CKP/CMP (crank/cam sensor) were failed then you'd just get a crank no-start situation.

    Have an electrical diagram of the 90 series if you want a copy just DM me.

    Just a disclaimer - I'm not a mechanical expert by any means, just do backyard repairs on my own cars!


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      And error codes - you short 2 pins on the diagnostic connector and count the flashes.

      Here's some diagrams and a list of codes (scroll down it's not the nicest of sites)

      If it's an Australia domestic market model then don't get fooled by promises of the 5VZ doing OBD-II, this is not the case at least for the ADM ones. The connector is the same but that's where the similarity stops - no sub $1k scanner is going to read the codes from this unfortunately.
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        Sounds fuel related, flick the switch and change tanks. Does it still do it?


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