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Was about to change the bearing but not now

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  • Was about to change the bearing but not now

    I was experiencing a heavy grind sorta vibration only when braking heavily , and i just changed disks and pads so that was discarded , so bearings seemed the problem , ,,

    But talking to an old time mechanic about doing the bearing , and the tools i would need to do it , when he noticed the tyres were sorta rough passing your hand over them , but passing your hand over them in the reverse direction it seemed smooth again. he suspected tyre deformation , due to a failure somewhere in the strut or ballpoints .

    i took the car home and searched around but didnt seem to see any failure in the ball joints so i took it to an other workshop and just as the car was jacked up the radiator started to leak , would you believe it , ,, so new radiator ordered and what was found was the steering rack sliding side to side , so the mounts / bushes that hold it to the chassis were completely rooted, putting the frount end out to the point of deforming the tyres. it realy was feel so freaky to drive as you had to over steer ..... i bought a kit online and fitted it on the week end . it was a bit of a bugger but all good in the end , the steering is now out quite a bit and will need a new alignment . new tyres next week to follow .

    so it seems what started as a possible bearing failure now has turned into another problem that has ruined the tyres . we will see with the new tyres if that grind noise on braking goes away.

    radiator turned up at the door today so maybe tomorrow fitted. fingers crossed.
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    i found this video very entertaning and very easy step by step guide to changing the bushes on the 4 runners and prados for 90/ 120s i think are also the same .