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Specifics on how to build a rear door table

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  • Specifics on how to build a rear door table

    Hi everyone,
    I'm looking to build a rear door table in my old faithful and have a couple of questions.
    Ive done some googling and have seen some nice images of peoples builds both here on PP and around the web, but i still have a few things im trying to clarify.
    I want to attach it straight to the door without having to remove trims and panels etc so was wondering if anyone has had any issues screwing hinges through the trim into the steel, what sort of screws to use, things to watch out for etc etc.
    will post photos of the build once its finished - thank you!

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    Will follow this with interest - my rear door trim in my 90 is a bit worn in one place and my wife wants it 'sorted out'


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      Hey mate,

      I built this one a few years ago, love it works a treat, looks factory and was pretty cheap. If you want any info feel free to far as screws I screwed through the trim with stainless self drilling screws (stainless cause i already had them and they wont rust out and look shit) not much to look out for finish it off i used black screw caps. neat as can be. same as for the ones on the top of the straps, which actually fold under the trim and the screw goes through it again before it goes into the body so it's clamped down also. I did cut the right little corner off the left pocket to allow the middle hinge to be fixed properly, then screwed the pocket back to fit around the hinge with two little self drillers and caps again.

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