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Cosmic void at 3900 rpm...

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  • Cosmic void at 3900 rpm...

    Hello everyone!

    i am a new user from Italy, seeking help with my TOYOTA.
    It's a KDJ 95 from 2001, got used a few weeks ago with 230,000 KMs.
    Just out of a mega-service (distribution, oils, air-oil-diesel filters, clutch).

    Here's the problem:
    At 3,900rpm, in any gear, as well as in neutral, there is a cosmic void. The car does not push, and even with the accelerator at the end of the stroke it does not increase revs, but slowly loses them. Then it remains "out of tune" for a few seconds, giving various gaps between 2000 and 3500.
    In a classic overtaking situation it is clearly not pleasant ...
    He doesn't sigh, it's just like he's not responding to the accelerator.
    No lights on.

    Originally it was thought of dirty diesel, so it was done:
    -Change diesel filter.
    -Tank, float and ducts cleaning -> a lot of slime and sand came out. A lot.
    -Cleaning the mass air flow sensor with a specific product, then test by disconnecting it.
    -Cleaning of electrical contacts in sight.

    At first it seemed that everything was getting better, then he started again with the same problem.

    Nothing abnormal turns up with a digital diagnosis (not in TOYOTA by the way).

    At this link you can see how my turbine actuator moves (even though i am not pushing the acelerator)

    [In a nutshell ... with only the ignition on it does not move, as soon as I start the engine it moves and remains fixed. As soon as I turn it off, it goes back.]

    I haven't cleaned the collectors yet, and I don't have EGR excluded.

    What do you tell me?
    What to check first now?
    I am trying to understand if it still worth working on this car or not...hoping it's just a minor problem.

    Thanks a lot to those who want to help me!
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