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    Good day all,

    Could someone please give me insight. In South Africa Billies are hella expensive and I can get them directly from Germany

    I see on 4wd direct they specify the B46-1004LT as the rear shock for raised applications

    Is this exactly the same shock as 24-010047 for HJ/FJ 60,61,62, 70, 75 in the front?

    This would make my life much easier

    Mu gutt just tells me to worry. The 60-70 series had cast iron block engines in the front? So this shock will be very hard valved? Comments would really be appreciated

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    Have you had a look at the suspension database here on PP?


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      Hello, I could not find what Im looking for but maybe I need a head slap


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        The suspension database contains 120 and 150 series components only.


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          So Im not closer yet, urgh
          the question is, is the B46-1004 vs B46-1004lt vs BE5-2351 similar in rebound and bump rate


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            While we are here,( sorry to dig up an old thread in advance) I have been researching about bilstien shocks for a lot longer than i care to admit. So far on the Bilstien Australia site, The shocks for a 90 series Prado and a 3rd GEN Hilux Surf/4 Runner VZ180 are identical (BE5-2450M front and BE52451M rear).

            However...On the international catalog its different. There the 90 series is recommended (BE5-2778 front and BE5 2741 in the rear) and same as above for the Hilux surf/4Runner.

            All the shocks are OE replacement for standard ride height. Does any one have a clue whats going on or some resources with specifications on these parts like length and travel ?


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