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  • speedo correction

    Gday I've changed my wheels and would like to correct my speedo. Will this work ?
    Is the wiring on my Aussie spec 90 series 3.4 rv the same as this drawing will adding the convertor upset the rest of the circuit? Where is the easiest place for me to cut into the wiring where is connector IJ1 located
    Combination meter drawing 90 series rv
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    I stuck this one on my KZJ95:

    I spliced it into the speedo pickup wire adjacent the ECU above the glovebox.



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      Things don't happen too quick around here I got as far as finding the connector behind the glove box unless I'm missing something the wiring colors to pin configuration is different to the diagram I have so I decided to have a buzz from the vss at that point I noticed the uni on the front drive shaft is shot and went off to do something about that as in went and saw my mate whos a real mechanic and pissed off with his ute for the week while he replaces the front cvs, brake hose, shocks and what ever else he decides to do most of that job was planned to do this week end until the unis couldn't be tracked down my mates abit like me why to do today what you can put off till tomorrow or not its not have me pissing him off while hes working for free . I've all ready wasted an hour or so of his time trying to track down some unis for today which didn't happen.

      What wire am I chopping into I thought I was so smart until I looked at the connector the green red I expected to find in pin 6 isn't there


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            Any tips on how to prove the speedo wire before i cut it so I don't butcher the loom or damage anything? The speed sensor didn't look like fun to get at the wiring does speed sensor wiring go thru another connector in the engine bay Im not seeing on the drawing, on the right hand drive rv version ?
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