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Change 265/70/16 tyres to 235/70/16 isssues

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  • Change 265/70/16 tyres to 235/70/16 isssues

    I have a set of rims off a dodge nitro with 235/70/16 tyres on them, they have decent tread.

    current tyres on my prado i have 265/70/16 tyres.

    would the 235/70/16 tyres fit the rims ok and,
    what would a tyre store charge to take off the tyres from the rims and put rhem on my prado wheels?
    or is it not worth it?
    1999 Prado VX Grande White on Silver 3.4Ltr Auto

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    I doubt you'd find a tyre store willing to do it. Their overall diameter is nearly 2 inches smaller than what you have. This would throw out drive ratios, speedo readings, fuel economy would change, the engine would likely rev harder, not to mention they would probably look pretty dumb as well. Do some googling on how tyre sizes work and what the numbers mean, then you can look at some different sizes and get an idea of what might fit and work


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      Even that size is wrong for a Nitro. They took a 225/75/16 or a 235/70/17.. Either way, Both wrong size, and likely wrong load rating. Will throw out other stuff as mentioned above.. Would also void insurance if you have an accident.. Not worth it.