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2018 Prado VX - Engel Installation

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  • 2018 Prado VX - Engel Installation


    Im looking to purchase a VX Prado and would like to have a 32L Engel installed over one of the rear seats (Third row). Has anyone done this without installing drawers? I want to be able to remove the Engel and use the third row of seats when needed. Any thoughts, Ideas or photos?

    Thanks in advance

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    Good choice on the 32L fridge, I have a 40L and the lid won't open fully as it hits on the roof when it sits on top of the 3rd row seats. All I have done is strap it in with a ratchet strap using the rear factory tie down and the grab handle by the second row seats/door. If we do a trip I put drawers in but mostly we use the extra seats every 2 or 3 weeks.
    I have wired an Engel plug into the wheel arch (sits neatly behind the seatbelt). You know you can unscrew the cig plug end and you have a 2 pin screw in Engel plug?

    Cheers, Nova


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      I have the 38L plastic engle in which the lid hinges from the side instead of the back- Lid opens fully and it sits on top of the back seats really nicely- I too have just strapped it down to the tie down points and run it off a plug wired into the wheel arch.