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Need advice for buying second hand Prado, 2015 GLX KDJ150R 3.0L or 2016 GLX GDJ150R 2.8L

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  • Need advice for buying second hand Prado, 2015 GLX KDJ150R 3.0L or 2016 GLX GDJ150R 2.8L

    Hi All,

    I have been a forum member for a while and reading a lot of about Prados. Finally organised my finances to buy second hand Prado. I read about new 2.8l engines and DPF issues. So after searching, narrow down to two options. Budget $48.000-$50.000

    1st option - 2015 GLX KDJ150R 3.0L (MY14) with 25.000km, $48.500 with towbar. Dealer used. Standard 1 year dealer warranty.

    2nd option - 2016 GLX GDJ150R 2.8L with 33.000km, $49.000. 4 months original factory warranty remaining. Private sale (current owner due for a replacement, finance is all clear) Very clean, mainly city and occasional country driving. Last service August 18 checked service invoice no issues. No tow bar. Leased car. I asked owner if he had any issues with DPF, as far as he know s no issue what so ever.

    Please share your opinions with me, which option would you go with and why?

    Thank you

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    I'd buy the GD engine as the 1KD has injector issues and is known for melting the odd piston here and there. With the GD, the DPF issues are so widely known that Toyota will sort any issues out under warranty and after warranty you could always remove it (although this is not legal).


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      I'd also go for the newer engine. Aside from the injector seal issue of the superseeded 3.0 engine, the 2.8 is appealing because it is far smoother and better for the environment, assuming the DPF issue is sorted by Toyota in due course.

      However, if you do mainly short trips, then perhaps the older 3.0 may be more suitable, as it doesn't need a long drive to do a DPF burnoff.


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        Was in almost the exact same boat as you.

        Went for a 2015 GXL 2.8L with a few extras(ARB winch bar, redarc dual battery system, GME radio, loom set up for light as they took them, and 2 years extended manufacturers warranty remaining) for $49k from a dealer with 44000km on it.

        Happy with choice. Test drove both and did a bit of research on here and other sites. 2.8L for me was a bit more refined on the road.

        Good luck with the search


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          I was sorta in the similar situation, juggling between the 3.0 and 2.8L. Test drove a couple of 3.0 and 1 2.8L, ended up with a 2.8L. Couldn't be any happier.
          I'm no expert but it does feel a lot quieter in cabin and little bit less vibration as well.

          I've had mine for 10,000 kms and DPF is fine *touch wood*. I don't travel long distance every day (less than 10 km a day on business days) though, which is one of the biggest killers for DPF, but I force myself to take it on a long drive 30km every week with speed 65kmph+ to keep the DPF healthy. So I guess bottom line for DPF is just drive a lot, if not doing freeway driving often, plan to do it at least every 2 weeks?

          If you decide to get the 1GD (2.8) there are quite a few valuable posts re DPF behaviour on the forum that you can read. It just gives us a better idea of how the system runs so we can take better care of it.

          Definitely get the 2.8L !