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Looking to buy new 2018/2019 Toyota Prado VX

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  • Looking to buy new 2018/2019 Toyota Prado VX

    Looking to buy a new 2018 or 2019 Prado VX. Trying to work out what is a good price i haven't had much joy with the dealers so far.

    Wondering what sort of deals others have been getting from dealers

    Thanks in advance for you help !

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    Hi, Any particular reason you after VX ? as far as i know most of the items on VX are GLX options now . What is the best offer you got so far for VX?
    I bought a kakakdu at 79k drive away from VIC last month .


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      Was looking at the VX as i like the multi cameras, blind spot monitoring and the cross traffic warning which I have been told is not available as an upgrade

      Best i have so far is 2019 VX with towbar, paint, mats, tint & weathershields for 74k driveway.


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        i picked up a VX in Brissy late December for $70K drive away. Scifleet had a deal going. The car was on the boat when we ordered it and we picked it up about 10 days later. That suggests, to me anyway, there is not a lot of stock sitting about. Missed out on the new warranty despite asking nicely. A decent tow bar will cost you about $650 and there are plenty of places selling, allegedly, genuine mats, wx shields etc. Tint for the front windows was $150. Most folk suggest paint protection is not really necessary - just wash frequently, keep the bird poo of it and give it a polish occasionally. We went from a very dark (metal storm) colour to crystal pearl. The temp difference in the car after itís been in the sun at work all day is incredible. My 2 cents worth anyway. Best of luck. Soz.
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          According to

          Excellent Price
          Driveaway: $68,283
          Saving: $12,087 or 15.04%

          Sounds about right, non metallic

          EDIT: that's last 6 months so guess 2018
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            Sci-Fleet were selling a couple of VX Prado's at $68,990 driveaway before Christmas however they were "old" stock without the DPF burn button.
            I paid just over $70,000 with towbar, full tint (privacy glass treated as well), mats and a full tank.
            Any deal under $70,000 will be a very good deal indeed
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