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Buying a 2nd hand 120/150 series

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  • Buying a 2nd hand 120/150 series

    Hi everyone,

    My Nissan Patrol GU 4.2td ex Telstra 'ready for a 12 month outback adventure' car was stolen and I am currently looking for a Prado to replace her. I decided on a Prado because they are reliable and it will be too expensive to build up another GU. Important to note is that I intend to buy this car, use it for a big lap and sell it afterwards.

    I set a budget of 25K including all servicing and upgrades (suspension, drawers, dual battery, etc.) and consequently looking for a car of around 17-20K. Bit tossing up between the 120 and 150 series. I did find a couple 150 series 3 litres (no 2.8 litres) for under 22K and like how much less the fuel consumption is compared to 1KZ engines, but will miss the simplicity of fixing issues as I had with the 4.2td which would run or dirty fuel without worries.

    This forum has been great, and I have gained a better understanding of the potential issues with manual vs auto and the differences between the engines. However, after days of research I don't feel any closer to the right decision haha

    So I would like to ask everyone to share their thoughts on how they decided on their car and any other comments they think are worth sharing.


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    What did you end up buying?