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Prado or Everest?

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  • Prado or Everest?

    Hi guys,

    im looking to buy either a new vx prado or Everest titanium. I prefer the prado but Iím thinking my wife will prefer the Everest due from what Iíve read better infotainment system, lift up tailgate and better/flatter ride. What are some points I can throw at her as the Everest seems to win in most catergories?


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    Prado has a better resale value
    Prado is made in Japan
    Prado is a Toyota

    Everest is made in Thailand
    Everest is a Ford
    Everest has had some dodgy recalls - check this one for loss of steering!


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      I must admit, I was looking at selling my 2012 Kakadu & buying a Ford Everest titanium. But I just couldn't bring myself to buy a Ford.

      So I have decided to put a 2in lift kit in the Kakadu.


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        Choose Flat tailgate option that negates the lift up tailgate, better ride? if the diving is an issue change shocks, ride is a very subjective thing.
        The current model VX has more value for money features than previous versions IMO, go for a drive in both then decide.

        Of course don't forget => Toyota resale vs Ford resale ... need say anything more?
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          Canít say Iíve looked in to a Everest or a titanium version but canít say in a huge fan of the actual look of the car and not sure of the features?

          vx has leather ice box cool/warm seats with memory factory diff lock center and rear and a lot more but I canít say off top of my head as I e brought a 2018 gxl prado as it was just out of our price range the Vx.. if I got a gxl with leather would be perfect but again no stock would have to order and extra $&


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            Iíve had 3x Prados and driven many more.
            i think youíll loose allot of money even if they are a better car in many aspects.
            If I was you id buy a new Isuzu mux and pocket the cash.
            The engine is a tad noisy and the interior old fashioned, but heaps of people seem satisfied and they tow really well.
            You can also option up a bigger tank.
            i just find the Prados expensive considering not allots changed in power and technology over the years.
            If your set on a Prado and donít mind used go a 2014/2015 Prado Vx or Kakadu last of the 3.0 d4d , I reckon itís the one to buy and keep.


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              Whats the flat tailgate option leethal? Even if you get the prado with the wheel under the car the tailgate still opens the same way which I thought that was the reasons they hid the wheel in the first place?

              I also dont understand how how they have taken the kdss out of the vx?

              i know the resale is good and is why I would buy one, but Im also a bit worried about the size of the engine. Why is it only 130kw? It should be more. Look at all the European cars. They have heaps more power. I saw a video on YouTube about the prado towing a 2 ton boat. It couldnít keep up speed up inclines that realistically a car that costs that much should.

              then thereís the Everest with itís new 2l engine? I donít know if I could buy a car that size that is powered by 2l. Yes it may go well and makes more power than the prado but it must be tuned pretty highly to do


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                With the Flat tailgate option the window opens up as well as the full tailgate opening to the side.
                Why no KDSS? Probably a cost as now the VX has radar cruise, lane departure, rear cross traffic warning, all round cameras, auto dimming mirror, Digital radio and more,
                Yes a 130 kw is not a lot from a 2.8 litre diesel these days but it is not highly stressed and if you produce more power then you need to increase cooling capacity which if your towing is just another long term issue to be aware of. A plus for the Prado is if you are towing your GVM doesnít reduce when towing the maximum 3 ton unlike most other manufacturers. Toyota has kept the driveline stress low which should lead to longer life, increase performance and you will reduce driveline life unless you make everything bigger and stronger. That in turn adds weight and reduces performance so you need to make a choice performance or longevity, yes you can have both, in Toyotas that means a 200 series with an understressed V8 but then you pay for it, $20,000 plus more to buy, more fuel, higher rego etc.
                Electronics allow engine makers to get more power out of smaller capacity diesels because they can now control injection timing & duration much much better than before so the combustion stresses are more controlled and sustained, build quality is much better but all things equal a larger capacity engine producing the same power will last longer than a smaller capacity engine.
                Sorry for the long reply, for what it is worth I work for a diesel engine manufacturer so am very aware of the pros and cons of engine design.

                02 VX, Toyota Alloy Bar, IPF 900XS with 50 watt HID, 50 mm Lift- Lovell Shocks n Springs, Safari Snorkel, large Pioneer tray, Pioneer In-dash, Alpine roof mount DVD screen -handled the Simpson and Innaminka roads, now with a little TRD blower & Unichip


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                    Up until a couple of yrs ago the 4wd Everest was only recognised in Australia as a passenger vehicle & not an off-roader. Ford wanted it this way, so that it cost them less per vehicle to sell here due to Australian tax brackets for the sale of new cars, but they didnít actually pass on the savings to the consumer. They pocketed that to increase their profits. This meant that new owners were caught out when they realised they werenít allowed to raise the suspension or get larger dia tyres fitted legally. Ford eventually bowed to public backlash and paid the extra per vehicle to the Australian government to have them recognised as a 4wd under registration regulations for new cars sold afterwards. This change couldnít be back dated though unfortunately. Because they pulled this dodgy low ball manoeuvre on unsuspecting consumers to gain a little bit more profit per sale I would give the Everest a wide birth. What other chess moves have they made at your expense if you bought one? Oh thatís right, rubbish cheap Falcon quality transmissions & drivelines that have a bad reputation. Iíd rather buy a Pajero over an Everest because Mitsubishi are a bit more respectful to their clientele I believe and use better quality parts.
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                      I own a 2018 Prado and love it .
                      Friend of mine has Everest and i drove both enough time to check the difference .

                      I must say the Everest is quite and more techs( apple / android play ), speed limit warning etc than a Prado has . However Prado became smooth after few KM run.
                      Boot space of Everest is bigger than Prado .
                      Prado will win on resale price .



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                        Had an Everest for a year, just sold for a decent loss and going back to a Prado.
                        Everest has awesome tech but its dodgy and has all sorts of problems and for the most part found myself disabling it.
                        Quality issue after issue, I sold my Titanium with 14k km's
                        Gearboxes are crap and the motors arent much better with terrible fuel economy (14L/100)
                        Now in the market for petrol Prado or FJ for some extra fun :-)
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