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Difference between GX and GXL

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  • Difference between GX and GXL


    I am a newbee to 4wheel drive and this forum. What are the key differences between GX and GXL. Say 2015 model for the purpose of this discussion.


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    Best just to Google to find a Toyota Prado specifications document.

    Eg: Google prado 150 specifications filetype: pdf (but get rid of the space before the word pdf ... if I don't put a space there, it turns into a smiley face!)

    brings up this link which has a good comparison between the models:

    But to cut a long story short, the GX is very 'industrial'. Or in other words, no fun toys or "luxury" items.
    Prado_The_2nd now on my Third Prado (and 2 Landcruisers before that!)
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      A 2015 GX is a great model especially if wanting a touring based vehicle and is not so basic. ItS benefit is that it is a 5 seater but however can be optioned with the 7 seats.
      It comes with black mirrors, grill and door handles. It has standard icey cold air conditioning rather than climate air. It has the same safety features as a GXL
      it has a different rear seat fold to the GXL resulting in a flat floor. It lacks side steps but a set of quality sturdy side steps solves that issue. It doesn’t have roof rails meaning you can simply bolt roof racks on.
      As mentioned, they form the best platform to build a touring vehicle with out paying for features that are not needed or otherwise removed.
      i have one and love it.
      New 2015 150s GX 5 seater with floor mats, towbar and a big wish list
      Previously a 2004 120s 1KZ GX silver manual with stuff
      before that a 1996 RV6 90S with lots of gear


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        So do I. 2016 set up as tourer. If you go for the 5 seater you save about 50 kg. Also the GX is about 100 kg lighter than the GXL so you can carry more. NO satnav but other than that most stuff is the same unlike the pre2015 models which were pretty basic. Lots of GXs are ex mine cars so select carefully .