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2002 prado indicators not working from trailer plug after replacing with new one

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  • 2002 prado indicators not working from trailer plug after replacing with new one

    Toyota prado indicators not working from the trailer plug

    I currently have this problem & after checking both fuse boxes , 1 under the dash & the other under the bonnet , I don't have any spare fuses but have the very same problem after replacing the 7 pin plug , do you know if there are any other places there might be a fuse , my car is a 2002 model both relays are working but no power coming to the plug , or can you give me some suggestions on what the problem may be before I take it to the electrician ..


    Ron Hill

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    There are relays in the rear light loom, I assume they were left in? They are indicator repeater relays to avoid overloading the flasher. Or are these the relays you refer to?


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      Red adventure

      Yes the rear relays in the loom are the ones I was referring to , looking for any other ideas as to where there might be some other fuse as the tow pack is Toyota genuine


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        Ron Hill on my 90 series power for these indicator relays comes directly off the battery, via a small auto resettable circuit breaker under the bonnet.

        ​​​Will just say mine is a genuine Toyota tow pack but certainly possible someone has messed with it over the years.


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          Just checked my wiring diagram which interestingly says the indicators connect direct to the car's lamps. Maybe these extra relays are only for bullbar equipped cars which already have an extra set of indicators dragging down the system. Let me know if you want a pic of my wiring at the battery to compare.


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            I have checked all fuses under the bonnet & under the dash & all are OK , might check to see if there is anything coming directly from the battery though .

            thanks for the tips & advice , hoping there is something there otherwise it's a mystery


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              No worries, it must be coming from an unswitched supply. Mine doesn't look factory, is a small metal resettable circuit breaker near the battery. Worst case scenario you can run a new fused supply from the battery to the relays.


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                just checked the battery supply for any additional wiring & nothing there so not sure where they tapped into it , might just have to tap into the rear flasher relays in the 1/4 panel & run an inline fuse for both sides ..


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                  Failing that if you don't have a bullbar you could just bypass the relays.


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