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    Evening all,

    looking at purchasing a second hand Prado and have been reading the forum for a while. One of the reoccurring suggestions is having a good mechanic inspect the vehicle before purchase.

    To that end, does anyone have recommendations for a reliable mechanic based in South East Queensland that is across the issues and things to look for on Prados?


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    Hi mate, a couple of recent ones I have used (both auto trans guys but also do mechanical work). Not sure they do inspections but worth asking as they are good honest guys. No affiliation apart from being a customer.
    - Aspley Autos
    - Northside Autocar

    A mate of mine buying a 2005 120 diesel did the inspection service via one of the popular car selling websites and TBH for the money I was not impressed at the result - the mechanic didn't appear to me to really inspect much more than looking in the interior and under the bonnet, and it's not much you couldn't tell yourself unless you were totally non-car minded. In my opinion it's very much a visual only inspection with no underbody stuff just hands-off visual checking.


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      Hi Skip,

      I have been a member of RACQ for decades.
      RACQ used to have a paid service for pre-purchase inspections for their members. I am not if they still provide the service.
      Before I purchased a 2nd hand Series 90, in 2002, the RACQ inspection of the vehicle showed some minor faults for the 3.4L petrol Prado. The inspection was pretty perdantic with some faults not worth worrying about, but another was not. A test showed the vehicle was running too rich and the dealer fixed before I purchased that vehicle. I had that vehicle until 390k km on the dial into 2019.

      Not sure if you thought about going that route.
      2019 Prado GXL 2.8L Diesel
      2003 Jimny too


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        Thanks gents,

        good info there and will consider both suggestions there.

        Currently looking at a dealer 2014 Diesel GXL with 155K on the clock. The main issues I'm looking to have answered are if the timing belt had been done and if the injectors had been changed or if they are within tolerance still.


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          As others have suggested, RACQ comprehensive check. Also, ask the dealer to send the vehicle over to service and get the injectors tested cold and hot and ask for a printed detailed report. Timing belt should have been ticked in the log book.