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Exporting new GXL to NZ

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  • Exporting new GXL to NZ

    Hi there, We can't get the 150 Prado with rear diff lock unless we go to the absolute top of the range version, We currently are running Pajero GLS wagons here in New Zealand for our service crews and would like to purchase new GXL 150 prados and bring them into New Zealand for our usage, Can anybody recommend a dealer who could assist us with this? Many thanks in advance.

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    Or..... would it be simpler or cheaper to fit a TJM or ARB diff lock or similar to whatever Prado you can get in NZ?


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      Thats the other option, but we can only get the GX, VX or VX Limited over here, Even the GX is $73K NZD so comparable to the GXL after taking taxes etc off, We run these as a fleet across the country so looking for a bulk purchase.


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