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Cheap Aluminium Flat Rack - Cane Toad Equip

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  • Cheap Aluminium Flat Rack - Cane Toad Equip

    Hey guys, just sharing my experience with buying and installing the Cane Toad Equip alloy flat roof rack on my Prado 120. Here is the link to the product:

    Product Specifications:

    Weight: 26 KG (includes mounting brackets)
    External: 1900mm (L) x 1250mm (W)
    Frame tube 32mm Φ
    Cross squre bar: 40mm x 25mm
    Tube thickness 2mm
    Aluminium amplimesh Thickness 5mm
    Bracket thickness: 3mm
    Max load: 180kg (at centre of gravity height not over 40cm)

    Purchasing + Shipping:
    Easy to purchase through the bestbikeau website. I paid $325.95 plus $89.65 shipping ($415.60 total). They are located in Brisbane and I got it shipped through TNT to my house in Perth, WA. From ordering the rack until it arrived at my door took 11 days (19/12/2019 until 30/12/2019). Pretty impressive considering it was over the Christmas period. The rack was well packaged and was not damaged at all in transit.

    The installation took about 2 hours by myself and a friend (who is a mechanic). It was not by any means an easy install. Very fiddly and has some issues with getting the rack and rails to line up properly. Two bolts were stripped and replaced when attaching the rack to the rails. If you are considering buying this product, I would recommend getting a packet of M8 high tensile bolts to replace the rack mounting hardware. Eventually we were able to get the rack in place and tightened everything down. I would not recommend trying to install this by yourself. My XTM awning was very easy to install thanks to the square cross bars running across the rack.

    For the price it is an impressive product and even though it was a difficult installation process I do recommend it. It looks great and the listed 180KG load rating is perfect for my needs.


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    The site mentions noise and vibration above 60km/h. How are you finding that?


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      looks good


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        daleroy After about a week of use I did notice the noise and vibrations so I dabbed some black silicone under everywhere that the wire part touches the crossbars and that seemed to help. I also now run a rooftop tent so I don't think I get any vibration caused by rattling anymore.

        After my first month of use I have to say its holding up well. I just got back from a 10 day trip with the missus and the rack had no issues supporting us both in the RTT.


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          What rtt are you running? I want to get a motop hard shell and just working out how to mount it I seen these cane toad racks and only got put off from the noise/vibration they make.. at least they note it on the website too


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            I'm looking at picking up one of these as well. They look pretty good for the price of them and I like the mounting system. I'm wanting to mount my Darche roof top tent to open off of the back of it in order to mount a 180 awning as well. How much of a gap is there from the back of the rack to the end of the roof? It doesn't look like it goes all the way back and I'm concerned about the spare wheel getting in the way of the latter. Cheers.


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              Hi, curious to know 1 year on how your rack is going? Any problems? Have you had much weight on it and been off road?


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