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Broken Photobucket images.

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  • Broken Photobucket images.

    Hi all.
    As most can see photobucket have decided to take the world to hostage and make 3rd party linking of images stored on their site a now paid affair.

    Whilst you can still view said image by clicking links and going thru their guff, but it's somewhat painful.

    We are investigating a couple way to try to get around this currently. But no foreseeable answer is yet on the table.

    You however can as the thread poster go to the photo link, copy the image and then edit your post here and upload the image direct to the PP server as a work around if you prefer. Feel free to do this is you can.

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    Hey Piggy,

    As someone who has a lot of suspension threads with both photos and graphs in them, I'd definitely appreciate the option to be able to have full size images in my threads again but keep them on the Pradopoint server!

    Pox on photobucket!


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      Yes I noticed this today when I tried to post a pic.

      The net is alive with criticism. It seems to be the craziest corporate suicide decision I have seen since the invention of the WWW
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      Some trips done - Cape York, Fraser Island, Simpson Desert / Central Aust, Vic High Country.


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        It's a Kodak Moment
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          copied this from another forum i am a member of.

          If you are using Google Chrome, install this extension and all PB images on any forum will reappear:

          Alternatively try this;

          Open Chrome

          Click on the rows of small horizontal lines located in the top right hand corner

          Then click on "more tools"

          Then on "Extensions"

          Then "Get more extensions" if you already have some, e.g. Ad Block.

          Type in "Photobucket embed fix" and hit the return key

          A link to "Photobucket embed fix" extenstion should appear. Click on it and you are done.

          Failing all that, go to "help" and find out how to load 'extensions' and then add extension "photobucket embed fix".

          Works with Firefox as well.