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2018 pradopoint upgrade notice

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  • 2018 pradopoint upgrade notice

    The 2018 Pradopoint Forum Upgrade will be taking place Tuesday 6 February 9am - 11am

    Following a successful site upgrade test we will be perfoming the live site upgrade tomorrow morning during business hours. During this time the site will be unavailable as the database migration occurs.

    We expect there to be some teething issues as members become familiar with the new layout and as we work through some of the finer configuration options.

    We will set up a specific 'troubleshooting' thread so that all enquiries can be directed there. Please read this section prior to submitting any support requests or creating your own thread.

    Upgrade Bug report/questions thread link <click here>

    The new version will be easier to navigate and will operate better on mobile devices.

    As a precaution, we will keep the current version of the site running in the background to compare post and thread counts.

    The private messaging system will be re-actived in the upgraded version of the site. Any future misuse or breaches of the rules of the PM system will not be tolerated and a zero tolerance policy applies.

    Thank you for your support of Pradopoint as we move into a new exciting phase.

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