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2018 SatNav chip/SD Card

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  • 2018 SatNav chip/SD Card

    Hi Guys

    does anyone know if you can swap the Standard SD Card it has and replace it with the VMS maps or Hema maps SDs ??

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    Guess no one knows then.


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      Have you read any of my many posts on here where I am moaning about Toyota treating their customers like idiots by providing two year old maps in a brand new vehicle and charging extortionate amounts for a new card which is out of date when released?
      My solution for a 2015 vehicle was to buy an android powered 10 inch screen head unit for less than the price of one Toyota sd card.
      I have no idea about a 2018 vehicle but I would think the chances of Toyota allowing anything useful to be inserted in their locked down with hidden .exe file head units is zero.


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        My sd card got damaged when I tried to view the maps on a pc. Must have deleted something. The radio no longer can read the card. Toyota have replaced the card free of charge for me with the latest maps. Prado is still under warranty. I have a late 2017 GLX prado. The latest maps are 2017 Q4.


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          Thanks for the info, I think so many people complained that Toyota were forced to do something about the out of date maps. It is interesting that your new card is 2017 Q4, so at the risk of annoying new vehicle owners anyone with an android powered device would now be using 2018 Q3