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  • 2014 150 GXL Servicing advice

    Hi everyone

    I've had my second hand 2014 GXL V6 Prado 150 for a year now. It has just under 103k on the clock and has had it's 100k and 110k service. When I went to book in the subsequent 6 month 120k service the toyota service centre wanted $817. Given that we'd just paid half that 6 months ago and barely driven the vehicle since, I had to pause for thought about shelling out another $812. Not only that but the online Toyota quote had it down as $150 cheaper so don't know where the $812 came from (unless standard consumer gouging, of course).

    Anyway this got me thinking about our future plans with the vehicle. Assuming it doesn't fall apart any time soon (dependant upon servicing, off course) we intend to keep it as our "forever car", and as such trading in or selling is somewhat unlikely as we look ahead. What I'd love to hear from fellow owners out there is what you would recommend as a future servicing strategy going forward.

    Some of the questions I have are:

    1) Big T says the vehicle should be services every 6 months or 10k. Does that hold true even out of warranty?
    2) Will getting the vehicle serviced from a 4x4 specialist affect the value of the vehicle, should we decide at a future date to sell (if, for example, circumstances change)?
    3) Will getting the vehicle serviced from a 4x4 specialist mean the quality of the service, and thus longevity of the vehicle, be affected at all?
    4) Is it possible to have Toyota service only once a year now that the vehicle is out of warranty, and not doing significant mileage? Or will they demand they stick to their biannual schedule?

    Thanks for any help and insight offered

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    I only have an opinion on your first and last question, and I know that a lot of people disagree with it but here goes:

    My 2015 manual GXL has recently had it's final capped service which involved having the service every 6 months regardless of use. I spend around 7 months of every year in the UK so the Prado is on axle stands with battery disconnected for that time. I have been forced to have the capped service despite the vehicle being driven from the dealer and back again.
    When I questioned why this was necessary I was told that "oils deteriorate" my questions about whether a dealer puts new oil in a vehicle that has been in the showroom for a few months went unanswered.
    My family have a diesel Audi A3 in the UK, this needs a service every 12,000 miles (not Kms) and time elapsed does not seem to be an issue. It went 2 years from new and under warranty before it had covered 12,000 miles and had it's first service. Why would a Toyota engine be that much different? the Audi is Euro 6 the Toyota Euro 5

    In future I will be doing the service myself on distance covered rather than time, I will obviously use the correct oils and filters etc and keep the receipts. Hopefully when I come to sell it the new owner will have the same opinion as me, if not I stand to lose some value!

    As for question 4 I would think that they would insist on a biannual service because that is how they make money.

    Edit I have thought of something else to moan about:
    Before my final capped service I had a sticker on the windscreen telling me the next service was due at 60,000 Kms and before a certain date. The car had only covered 30,000 Kms so this meant that I could have driven around the country a couple of times and covered another 30,000 Kms before in Toyota's opinion it would need a service provided it was done by the correct date. How stupid is that?
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      Very. When mine slips out of warranty at the end of June when it will have about 35000 km on it it will receive the final 3 year/60000km service. From then on it will get serviced once a year or every 10000km. Sheesh. It is 2019 not 1969 when cars needed service every 3000miles/5000 km. I suspect that lubricants may just have improved a little since 1969!!!! Re. the V6: my 120 had a decade of 12 month or 10000 km service and at 170000 when I sold it used no oil and kept its[good quality] oil clean for that time. If yo have a good local mechanic forget Toyota and 4wd service places [unless a particular seious issue comes up -it wont] and save $400 + a service. You are well outside warranty so it is up to you.


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        That said the 120000 km service is bigger with diff oil etc to be changed along with other things. Check the handbook then go to your local mechanic if he is any good.


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          Thanks for the input. I was told the 120k service was a major, however having driven about 3000kms since the 100k service, with a service in the middle of that, I can only assume the vehicle really doesn't need a major service at this stage of its life. I could be wrong of course, and the key thing for me to remember is that I have no real idea of the vehicle's history before I bought it (although it was logbook services the whole time).

          Re: UK car servicing, I'm from the UK so completely understand what you're saying here. Bearing in mind we're talking *miles*, not kms, the difference is significant to the point of being highly suspicious especially considering the god-awful weather in the UK. I suppose the mystery surrounding who decides the service intervals, and why, is what keeps people like us guessing as to the best course of action once out of warranty.

          Re:local mechanics, having never used one it's tricky to know who is any good or not. For example, one of the local shops is and if you search for reviews they seem great, until you realise they have less than half a dozen reviews. How can one make a decision on such low numbers of reviews? It's a similar story if you just search for "brisbane 4x4 service" - if anyone on here could recommend from experience a good Brisbane 4x4 service specialist it would be appreciated!


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            If servicing through Toyota, they charge around $800 to $1000 for the $40k, 80k, 120k, 160k 200k services typically.
            Its worth ringing Midas, Ultratune or your local mechanic for a log book service quote as you will find they are significantly cheaper than the Toyota dealerships.
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              Originally posted by blw View Post
              If servicing through Toyota, they charge around $800 to $1000 for the $40k, 80k, 120k, 160k 200k services typically.
              Its worth ringing Midas, Ultratune or your local mechanic for a log book service quote as you will find they are significantly cheaper than the Toyota dealerships.
              So a quote for $662 represents decent value through Toyota if your price range is accurate.
              I'm not sure I'd trust one of the big name service centres like Midas or Ultratune. I've never used them but there is an Ultratune near me and it looks like a dodgy backstreet garage. I just asked Midas for a quote and they said $560, so for the difference i'd be more inclined to go to Toyota.



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                Just make sure you are all talking the same here. Diesels and petrols will be different for the engine part of the services
                Every 40000 the diesel needs valves checking physically. Not sure on the v6. Also at 150000 you are to change the cam belt and main tank fuel pump,
                There will be extras on the v6 at certain service intervals such as plugs etc.

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