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    Hi All

    After heaps of research and setup/review videos, I'm still finding myself changing my mind on what stand along awning brand I should be getting.

    The thing which is changing my decision is the ability of the awning to resist wind without any legs down. Being WA based, most trips are coastal and I don't mind doing a full setup for a day at the beach but the other use of the awning will be for quick shade during road stops and I don't want to buy something which will continually need the poles dropped because a puff of wind has the thing moving (I know there are manufacture spec's but I also know they don't mean much sometimes).

    I know awnings like the ostrich wing and 20s awning are quite strong and will fit this purpose, but you pay for it. Awnings like the howling moon and Eezi awning are cheaper but I swear I can see more movement in the setup/review videos which is basically all I've got to go off.

    Any one have any experiences they can share? I have no reservations for spending more - but it'll be a tough pill to swallow.

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    i myself & my son have both got the Darche 270 awnings and they stand up to the wind quite well !!
    the only issue we had was it rubbed a hole in it from the arms touching when packed away , they replaced mine
    i looked at quite a few and this one has the most coverage, once you have worked out the best way to pack it up it happens quick
    setting up is very quick
    we only use the first wall from the front, unzip it in the centre and put 2 poles up on the centre section and put our swags under the centre square, peg the other part to the ground as a wind break & privacy to dress in

    i quizzed them about getting the zip as a separate item to make my own outer extension , took them a while but they finally got some in
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      Thanks for the reply mate - I think I'll start with something similar to the howling moon and go from there
      White 2012 GXL with Sat nav and leather upgrade. Stock otherwise..


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