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  • Starts then dies

    Hey guys looking for some advice. I have an 02 Prado 90 Series, VZJ95R - 5Vz-FE. Last night driving home , it begun to stall I could feel no acceleration was happening until it died. I had a look under the bonnet for a bit (5 minutes maybe) then tried to start it again. It started and I could accelerate it, then dies in about 30 seconds. I found I could do that several times. I immediately thought MAF sensor so I gave it a clean but still no difference, plus it wasn't really dirty.
    How do I check error codes in this thing?
    Bad fuel pump?
    Crank position sensor?
    MAP sensor if the Prados even have one?
    Idle controller, and where is it?
    Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated cheers.
    Last edited by Robbie007; 18-06-2020, 05:56 AM.
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