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Diff Breather Extensions for New Prado

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  • Diff Breather Extensions for New Prado


    We have just purchased a new 2020 Prado 150 series and upgraded the suspension to allow us to tow our off road caravan. We intend doing a lot of driving in the Kimberley's with plenty of river crossings. I have been advised to install a breather extension kit to protect the diffs but on inspection notice the diffs now have a one way valve attached directly onto the diff which is different for our old 120 series. Given it now has the one way valve installed, what are peoples thoughts on installing the breather extension pipes? Is it a waste of money or do we still need to protect the diffs?

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      According to Fourby4Diesel (Prado mechanic on YouTube), no need to extend the breathers. See

      Although, I think he mentioned to keep an eye on the rear diff breather, in case it gets clogged with dirt. A diff breather would solve that issue I guess.

      I'm in SA, so not much need for diff breathers so far :-). I probably won't bother with it.


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