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Stereo no longer getting power

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  • Stereo no longer getting power

    G'day everyone,

    Newbie here, moved over from Amarok to a 2010 Prado GX trying to get my head around the Prado...

    Swapped out the standard CD player today for a Sony 2 Din unit today. Connected the Sony using the Aerpro connectors. Sony->ISO then ISO-> Toyota

    All plugged in and nothing. Have unplugged the head unit, plugged in the factory unit, again nothing. Used multimeter and getting nothing through any of the cables. Checked the fuses under the bonnet- RAD1 and RAD2 (both 10A) both fine and intact. All other fuses in driver's footwell fine too.

    Can anyone recommend where the issue may be? All other dash items working fine. I haven't cut any wires or anything, simply unplugged connectors and plugged in adapters, that's it.

    I can't think of anything else. Keen to hear any suggestions


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    You haven't said but I assume that the old radio was working before you started this exercise.

    The wiring diagrams that I have for the 150 show that the radio is wired to the 7.5 amp ACC fuse, with no in-line sub-fuses.

    The RAD1 and RAD2 fuses come directly off the battery and connect as follows:
    RAD No.1 "Display and Navigation Module Display"
    RAD No.2 "Stereo Component Amplifier Assembly"

    These units (the component amplifier may not have ever existed in your particular vehicle) will not actually turn on until the ACC (Accessories) wire is powered up. If other parts of the dashboard (speedo, tacho, driver's LCD/display) are working, then the ACC fuse is intact.

    The power and ground wiring runs are as I have listed below. I suspect that, in order to remove and replace the radio, other connectors have been disturbed, disconnecting either the ACC or Ground Return feed.

    (ACC) Accessories fuse 7.5A (2D-17)
    2D-17 Instrument Panel Wire and Junction Block Assembly (Dashboard to right of steering wheel) - Practically impossible to access!!
    <Pink Wire>
    3B-32 Instrument Panel Wire and Junction Block #3 - Practically impossible to access!!
    3A-17 Instrument Panel Wire and Junction Block #3 - Practically impossible to access!!
    <Pink Wire>
    GH1-32 Instrument Panel Wire and Instrument Panel Wire #2 [Above speedo/tacho]
    <Grey Wire>
    H24-13 Junction Connector (22-Pin) [Above glovebox]
    H25-22 Junction Connector (22-pin) [Above glovebox]
    <Grey Wire>
    H29-3 @Radio Receiver Assembly (10-pin) [Rear of Radio]

    Radio Receiver Ground
    Connector List
    Ground Point (H26-1)
    H26-1 Junction Connector (6-pin) [Behind/Ahead-of glovebox]
    <Brown Wire>
    H29-7 ([email protected]) [Rear of Radio]

    I don't envy your task ahead. I'd shy away from getting too involved with connectors 2D, 3A or 3B - they're under/in the dashboard, near the steering column - pretty spooky stuff!.


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