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where to install more USB points in cabin?

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  • where to install more USB points in cabin?

    The one USB port in the front of my 2021 VX doesn't cut the mustard for the number of gadgets we have when on tour. Unlike my old 120 Series, I'm struggling to spot anywhere to add more (I added two dual USBs beside the gear selector on the 120).

    Anyone added extra USB ports on a late model 150 Series ?

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    I have a 2018 Prado GX.

    This is what I have done for power in the front:

    - 2x USB-A sockets in dash button spots to the left of the driver. Good for devices mounted on the dash (phone etc.). These are auxiliary battery connected so they can also be used to charge devices on the front seat when at camp. Get them from STEDI:

    - 2x auxiliary battery connected power sockets (one Ciga, one dual USB-A) in the passenger foot well. These are for charging devices when at camp. After much thought, I went with this unconventional position because 1) charging devices on the front seat is a good option as it keeps them safe and out of the way, 2) this location is very easy to access when standing at the open passenger door, 3) no modification (holes etc.) to visible parts of the dash. It doesn't get in the way there either.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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      You have a VX so you probably don't have many dash blanks. Clock up one for the poverty pack GX .


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        Hey Grinbot - those switches are fantastic - super-neat, thanks very much. And - I've got one spare spot in the centre front, and *three* on the dash to the left and under the steering wheel. I think I'll buy two - one in the centre, and one in the spot near the steering wheel)


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