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  • Delayed acceleration/ gear changing

    I have a 2000 (90s) v6 auto petrol 400+ ks she's usually quite reliable and doesn't ask alot. Now the last few days she's been a bit delay with her acceleration and changing gears at a higher revs. I took her on a big trip 850+ ks and I first noticed she wasn't "as" responsive as she usually was.
    taking g off in first, she would feel like I was taking off in 2nd or 3rd.
    I tried driving it manually and it was better however this afternoon I took her out on the highway and she was sluggish I thought I'd try cruise control, she wouldn't accelerate past 100. Kept dropping back and the revs were bouncing. I considered bad fuel, but she just died and rolled off the road. I called nrma when she refused to start, (did a small backfire) waited housework them. He asked me to turn her over, she started and he suggested to try to drive on, she probably got a k down the road coughed and died.
    he came back suggested crank angle sensor, called a tilt tray.

    I'm a bit confused would the CAS, make her acceleration delayed, and bouncie revs??

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