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Front sensors don't work

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  • Front sensors don't work

    Hi, Firstly, I know this topic has come up 3 years ago, but there wasn't really a specific answer to how to if possible to switch them on or off.
    I have a recent purchase of 2015 3lt Prado D4D which has front and rear park assist sensors fitted. The rear work fine and I have the on/off switch on the dash under the steering column but the front do not seem to work. They are set in a genuine Toyota bull bar. Can these be turned on/off independently. I have No idea where that might be and can't find anything in the manual about front sensors. Does anyone know how to activate these? Imac059 suggests they can. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi ,I have mine turned off when rain poured overnight because the sensor keep going until it dries out. It was mentioned to this forum before when sensor installed with ARB bull bar which I have. Anyway I turned it off at steering wheel button right side book like logo ,then look for Parking sensor. Hope this help. I have a VX model.


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      Thanks. I have a GXL . I can't recall a steering wheel button, but I'll take a look. I have a parking sensor button on the left under the steering wheel but that seems to only operate on/off the rear sensors. They work as they should in reverse and I have the screen camera working on the dash. Seems to have no effect on the front ones. That's why I'm wondering if there is a separate on/off switch of some sort, that operates the sensors independently and that one (i.e. the front ones) might be switched off. I also presume the front sensors operate in Drive ?? Seems logical. I have a genuine Toyota alloy bullbar with side and central sensors.


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        Well, I just took a closer look, and found the on/off switch for the front sensors. The button on my vehicle is on the right side of the steering column below the "Start" button. The rear sensors on/off button is on the left of the steering column. See pics. Solved it myself but feel a bit of a dill for asking in the first place. Hopefully the results help someone in the future and it will teach me to look a bit more thoroughly.
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          Well Done DeeBee. Good work. Cheers


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