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  • Oli's 120 D4D Manual

    Hi everyone

    I purchased my December 2008 120 series D4D Manual Prado February of 2014 with 120,000k's. I'm its second owner and it was pretty well stock apart from the ARB bulbar and stalker 170 lights

    This thread is just to post my experiences and adventures

    All comments and feedback is welcome

    WARNING, lots of pics

    Mods done;
    Scanguage 2
    Roof console with GME TX4500s
    Kaymar wheel spacer plus LED work light
    Mickey Thompson 265 70 R17 ATZ P3
    Fire extinguisher
    20"LED light bar & Nite Stalker HID UPGRADE & ARB fog lights
    Trailblazer 80ltr fridge & Waco slide
    Redarc 1240 dual battery system /w marine pro 730
    Solar panel
    Runva EWX12000 12/24v winch - (see problems i had later on here)and here
    Bilstein & Dobinson 2" lift
    Steel side steps / sliders
    Safari snorkel
    Pure Sign Wave Inverter Mounting
    hilux window washers
    Extended diff breathers
    Water crossing bra
    Trek table
    Painted underbody
    Helton Exchanger Fitting
    Front Mud Guard Cut
    Rear ARB Air Locker
    Extended Brake Lines
    ARB Bash Plates
    EGR Blocking Plate & Manual Mapper
    Exceedy HD Clutch
    2nd Row Power Sockets
    2016 FJ Cruiser Rim's
    Custom Rear Bar
    285x70x17 Mickey Thompson MTZ P3's
    Front ARB Air Locker & Reduced Diff Gears
    Blackhawk Upper Control Arms
    Repainted ARB Winch Bar
    Injectors & Dyno Tune
    Cracked Inner Guard Repair
    Vodka Cruiser
    Stedi LED Headlights
    Hilux Headunit (PZQ60-00051)
    Reverse Camera

    Plans for more & Coming Soon;

    MAX Trax

    this list gets shorter and shorter

    Below is a pic the 2nd day I had it home.
    I didn't waste any time getting the personalised plates on

    And here is a more recent picture

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    The first thing on the list was tyres

    These will just not do

    Much better
    Mickey Thompson ATZ P3 265 70 17"

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      To fit the spare on the door I went with a kaymar wheel carrier with telescopic light. This is the new style with 8 LED's instead of the halogen.
      it was very scary drilling into the car for the first time

      its switched from the dash, I still have to set-up the 3 way switch to have it automatically come on with the reverse lights.

      UPDATE: Reverse Relay Installed
      Took me a while but I finally updated the rear light install with a relay and 3 position switch
      Below is where I picked up the reverse signal wire. kick panel in passenger foot well

      And the relay itself is installed a little higher in the same passenger kick panel

      Also installed a scanguage 2. Great little unit

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        Just prior to purchasing the car I picked up a new camp fridge

        It's an 80ltr trailblazer with all the fruit (VM Special)
        installed on a 110ltr Waeco fridge slide

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          To give myself room for the GME UHF I installed an outback roof console

          Installation was fairly straight forward and the GME TX 4500s slotted in without trouble

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            To run the fridge I added a dual battery setup. Went with the Redarc 1240 BCDC with mppt solar controller

            I had the auto elec run a dedicated 6mm to the rear with the fridge plug on it.
            also had a 2nd 6mm cable run to the rear cigarette lighter. this gives me the ability to run the inverter and I will also use this later on to run an anderson plug to the rear near the tow hitch.
            both of these come straight from the 2nd battery so run without ignition on

            I used the piranha aux battery tray to fit the century marine pro 730 (100ah)

            I also installed 2 voltmeters in the roof console to keep an eye on each of them
            got the 3 wire one's from ebay

            To be self sufficient while camping I then bought a 160watt solar panel and put about 15m of 6mm. The redarc was installed with a solar input in the form of an Anderson plug under the bonnet. It uses a relay so the Anderson plug is dead when the ignition is on

            Solar input

            160watt solar panel (about 1mx1m) with ~15 meters of 6mm cable on a wind up roll
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              Fairly early on I got rid of the 2 yellow fog lights and fitted the ARB ones, now I've I added a 20" bright led tech LED light bar.

              I was going to get rid of the Nite Stalker 170's and get a set of Lightforce 170's but i thought id convert the two stalkers to 55watt HID's and see how they go.

              After seeing the results I'm glad I didn't rush out and replace them. they now throw a great deal of light and in quite happy.

              The light bar throws great light bit its paint finish isnt great, it started to flake and peel within 3 months. Nothing a can of black high temp engine enamel wont fix though.

              **Brite Tech LED 20" Light Bar Follow Up**
              the paint finish on these does leave a lot to be desired. within the first 3 months the bar was no longer black but copper coloured. after getting sick of looking at it i lightly sanded the surface, then gave it 2-3 coats of black high temp engine enamel. 12 months later my re-spray still looks great. Performance wise I cannot complain, it's worked every time.
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                Next was the winch,
                After much research I decided to go with a runva. Specifically the ewx12000. I was quite impressed with the reviews and warranty. They offer lifetime mechanical and 5 year electrical. In addition to this I emailed the local rep and he said with 5 mins and some silicone they will also warrant water ingress.

                I wanted the ability to isolate the winch so I began looking for a battery selector / isolator. Was actually quite hard to find one that was rated to handle the amperage used by the winch (470a continuous). I did manage to find a BEP 721 marine isolator that does 1500a for 5 seconds, 500a for 5mins on either single battery and will do 500a continuous on both

                an added advantage of the isolator is I can choose both batteries to run the winch but if one battery has had it I can switch to a single battery. Added advantage to having the switch is I can use it to bridge the 2 batteries together to act as one large battery for the fridge.

                When ever I head offroad as part of Airing Down I flick the isolator to both batteries so its ready to rock when ever I need it

                So I went about installing the new winch, first of all I required an offset fair lead.
                An impossible job for just 1 person. The gap between the bullbar and radiator was just enough to have it fit. Needed some tetris skills to get it in there

                the silicone is to make sure the earth connection is water proof, I put a ring of silicone around it fitted the lead, then covered with more silicone.

                EDIT: I have now used this winch twice, once on myself and once on a very stuck 80 series. he was so stuck we needed to anchor me to fat patrol to keep me from sliding towards the 80. the runva pulled it without trouble.

                **EWX12000 Followup**
                I had a free spool issue with my EWX12000 at around 18 months old
                see here for details on issue and fix
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                  Next up was the suspension upgrade. I'm lucky enough to have a fully equipped mechanics workshop with hoist at work.

                  I went with bilstein shocks and dobinson springs as recommended by TMC wholesale suspension in Kunda Park.
                  Instead of just selling me a product Terry took quite a bit of time and asked a lot of questions. What mods did I have fitted, what type of 4x4ing I will be doing, what mods do I have planned for the future & etc.

                  The fronts are rated 150kg over standard weight to help hold up the steel bar, winch, dual batteries.

                  Rears are also bilstine and dobinson which are 50kg over. I also opted to install polyair airbags at this point also

                  should give me a 2" from factory lift

                  Stock front removed

                  Rear going in

                  After a few hundred k's and a wheel alignment the measurements are
                  (From bottom of rim to guard)
                  810mm front
                  830mm rear

                  Picked up 90mm in the front from previously due to sag and the added weight.

                  EDIT: After 10,000k's i measured again.

                  805mm Front
                  830mm Rear

                  Part numbers are as follows

                  Shock: Bilstein F4-BES-A712-M2
                  Spring: Dobinson C59-352

                  Shock: Bilstein 24-238830 BE5-A715 (592mm Open - 375mm Closed)
                  Spring: Dobinson C59-325
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                    Hey mate I like where you put your voltmeters. Nice!
                    2008 120 GX D4D with a few extras
                    Rig build here


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                      Next up was side steps, twice now I've been out and munched the factory steps


                      So time for some side steps / sliders. Thanks again to work

                      Powder coated, now riviting on checker plate

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                        Thanks matt, I didn't want them shining in my eyes at night as they are quite bright, they are the 3 wire meters and turn off with the ignition.

                        Forgot to add these earlier,

                        Fire Extinguisher

                        And the ARB DELUX recovery kit and a high lift jack
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                          Snorkel, measured and marked 50 times

                          Worst job ever. Would never do it again. What a pain in the butt. I'll pay a shop to fit next time lol
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                            I have had this 150 watt pure sign wave inverter for a number of years so I took the opportunity to install it somewhere easy to access

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                            • #15
                              Very nice work Hugo, I particularly like the battery isolater set-up and those safety boots for the suspension install in post 9!

                              2008 GXL D4D Auto. GOING... GOING... GONE
                              2015 GXL 1GD Auto. And it begins again...


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