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  • Gurillas 2018 GXL

    Well I thought itís tine I made a build thread..

    we brought the car this year 2019 it was deliverd late 2018 itís in crystal pearl

    we have always wanted a prado we had Driven the father in-laws up and down west oz and loved it ďitís a 120 pradoĒ

    Iím also not new to Toyotaís I had owned a 80 series vx Sahara factory turbo 1hd-t with 500nm torque and also a very reliable 105 series with the 1hz

    Items done:
    3d mats
    false floor with rear drawers/fridge slide
    rhino racks and awning
    rj45 for uhf
    power to cargo area with fuse box
    supafit denim seat covers
    led lighting
    projector dcdc Charger/105ah battery
    Rims painted black
    kaon cargo barrier
    265/70 falken wildpeak at3w
    rear door light “red/white”
    kaymar wheel spacer
    tjm barwork
    kaon bash plates
    dobinson/ bilstiens 2 inch lift
    kings spotties.. see how they go
    Rhino platform with backbone

    Wish list:
    Maybe 285/70/17
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    Did a few little trips when we first got the car

    Comfy to drive suspension way to wallowy felt like the efs suspension I had in the 105

    also picked up rhino vortex bars and rhino 2.5m awning

    also got a antenna bracket for the roof rack for trips until we get a bull bar to mount the antenna for the uhf..


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      Installed a dual battery with 6b&s to the rear with a Anderson plug for the fridge sitting on a plastic tray with clamps holding it and 70amp Circuit breaker.. think may be to big ?

      i take the battery out to charge it as we donít do many trips currently and need to save up for a dcdc also

      Also a pic of down At Preston beach having a fish got a few decent tailor


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        Made up a false floor out of form ply form work.. havnt mounted it yet this is just a trail fit.. still need to sus out how to mount the fridge slide to it too..

        also installed a rj45 for the uhf once I hard wire it looks nice and factory


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          Did some off road work at the mundaring power lines and the car went awesome off road rear flexed hard and the diff lock I could crawl through anything that the car had clearance for.. will try upload a video when I get a chance


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            I look forward to watching this build mate. Just a little advice, edit your first post with a list of dream parts and start ticking them off. Be warned though, the list never stops growing.


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              Cheers mate, Iím not sure if there will be enough room if I put a dream list aha ?!

              will be a slow build as the bank is a little tight currently


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                Iím hearing you, I envy those guys who can buy a brand new 4x4 and the walk straight into ARB or TJM and throw another $20k at it. Build it slow and it gives you something to look forward to mate.


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                  10,000km done yesterday, we changed dealers to one closer to our house as we werenít to happy with the dealer we purchased the car from and had the 1k inspection done From

                  this dealer was a lot better and helpful especially after they sent me a confirmation email and they still didnít have our booking on the system they still were able to take the car in and give my wife a loan car,

                  we did request a 5 wheel rotation and Iíve read multiple times in this site about them never doing it !

                  well guess what ? They did rotate the wheels and I can see evidence of balancing with new weights... BUT... course they didnít do the spare ! As itís a brand new rim and tire you would be able to tell if it was on the car but itís Wasnít!

                  not sure if I should even bother or not though as we want to upgrade tyres in the future and may be able sell the 5 easier with 1 brand new

                  i havnt takes the car for a drive yet but from other posts other say car will feel better to drive after oil change as they use a diffrent oil to run in ??


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                    Yes, usually a mineral oil is used for run in.
                    150 GXL - ARB bar, Winch, 9" spots, rhino rack, 32" LED bar, Snorkel, 2" lift, AT's, Dual batts, UHF, 40L fridge, KAON cargo barrier - rear door table


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                      Decent flex with standard suspension


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                        Led interior lighting done, was only $16 deliverd, what a bloody mission getting those map lights out ! Ended up putting on rubber gloves to help

                        nice and bright now !


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                          Originally posted by Gurilla View Post
                          Led interior lighting done, was only $16 deliverd, what a bloody mission getting those map lights out ! Ended up putting on rubber gloves to help

                          nice and bright now !
                          I've been looking at similar kits.

                          Withthe main interior lights, map, dome,rear cargo, are they a LED festoon, or are they a LED board with wires running to a festoon connection? The later flops around in the housing but usually has 10-20LEDS on a separate board. The former is usually only 4 or so LEDS and slots straight in, no wires, nothing loose.



                          • #14
                            Itís just the cheapest kit i found on eBay thought would be enough for lighting the car up being led and save battery also

                            the kit I got came with x2 t10 vanity /sun visor globes for both sides, 2x t10 map lights
                            4x t10 for courtesy door lights ď2018 gxl doesnít have these though ď

                            and 1x Middle row and 1x cargo area and these are just the push in ones assuming called festoons you said ? They are not the panel type with the wire and board your speaking of just a small small panel with like 4-6 led on it that clips in

                            happy with it, handy can see everything now


                            • #15

                              Not too bright is it? some of them are blinding.

                              No parkers or reverse lights in that kit? I wont have spares as i will use the door lights in mine.


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