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  • Off-road essentials

    Totally new to 4WD so forgive the naiveté...

    Bought a 2016 GXL and very happy with it. Now want to slowly start buying accessories to make it a comfortable and reliable companion for me and my wife to start exploring this country on off-road trips. I imagine I need under trays, snorkel, bull bar (?) etc and wonder there is an essentials list and what to buy first, best brands if any and so on.

    Also it may sound dumb but, although I think I'm a safe and competent driver I never went off-road so I wonder if a 4WD driving course would help me too.

    Any wisdom and sharing of other's experiences will be much appreciated.


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    Yes. Offroad training eg. Great Divide Tours. All terrain tyres and a good quality air pump. This will get you most places and back again. After that the bottomless pit of 4wd ownership opens up. Don't spend too much too soon. Enjoy.


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      Good long handled shovel, tyre deflator and an air compressor is a good start


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        Snatch strap of you own. Some people don't like to lend them but willing to give a pull, if you are stuck.
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          You should think about some front recovery points, plus a rear recovery point (e.g. hitch receiver and shackle) if you don't have these already.

          From the factory, the Prado doesn't have any safe (i.e. rated) points for anyone to attach a snatch strap to recover you.

          After that, some good tyres with an All Terrain tread pattern, maybe in 'LT' Light Truck sidewall strength to reduce the risk of punctures off road. Popular tyres to start your search are Falken Wildpeaks and Cooper Discover. A tyre deflator and a compressor (e.g. Dr. Air) are essential.

          If you will be travelling long distances with a heavily loaded vehicle, especially off road and over corrugations, you will need upgraded springs and dampeners (shocks).

          Some Max Trax or similar are also worth keeping in the back, along with a recovery kit. If you will be travelling with other vehicles as a group a winch won't be so important.

          A UHF radio may be essential if you are for example overtaking road trains and need to check with the driver if it's safe to pass.

          With regard to snorkels and bullbars, there are very contrasting views on the merit of each. I suggest you Google the pros and cons of bullbars especially.

          Finally, Hema do an off road Sat Nav system for around $700 which may be useful for you.


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            What accessories you need depends on where and what you're doing. Put on what you need because you may run out of payload.
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              Awesome responses with great insight, now I have a thread to get started.
              Grateful for all contributions !! Cheers


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                The Land Cruiser NSW club do some good training.
                They also produce this list - might be of use?
                All the best,


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                  Yes, the Landcruiser club has great training, and a couple of great properties you can use anytime once you are a member
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