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    Originally posted by rob_macca67 View Post
    Did U guys go through a Closed steel Gate while travelling on this Road? I went down this road from the lookout end and came across a closed (unlocked through) steel gate with no signs or anything. My GPS said it's gazzetted road but I wasn't that sure.....

    If u did, where did u enter that road from the other end?? Would love to get back up there for a bit more exploring around the place
    More on “Weller Rd” at the Ravensbourne end, not Wallers Rd. I thought it’d be a gazetted road much beyond where it seemingly ends. At the beginning of Wellers Rd there’s a council sign that reads, “Dry weather road only.” When you drive down it for about 1.5-2km the track comes to an end. Just before the end on the R.H.S there are two tracks side by side with the RH entrance looking well used. The tracks looks low range worthy just from the entrance when you get out of the car & look. They merge into the one track just 10m in. The one on the left has an old steel gate blocking access. The track on the right has no gate, but a couple of old weathered signs nailed up in the trees saying Stop & Do Not Enter (from memory). The right track in had tyre tracks on it. On a 4x4Earth map I came across you could see the road continues through for much further. I thought it was a gazetted road going through but could be wrong. I opted not to drive it, but did a few other pretty decent tracks while there might I add. Some of the winding bull dust laden logging tracks in the area were great to drive. I guess my question is.... Is the Weller Rd gate & signage just a stunt from a property owner who doesn’t like people passing through their property on a gazetted road or are you actually not allowed because the track is private property?
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