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  • Cape york winter 2018

    Planning a winter break trip to the cape next year and interested in others experiences for places to stay and length of peoples stays.

    Our time frame is probably 19 days cairns to cape then back to cairns due to travelling companions work roster. Thought at the moment is quick travel to the tip (say 2 days?) Then slow trip south. That way if we run out of time we have seen the tip and other travellors can dash south as required.

    Our setup is 2014 model with usual mods and a 2005 jayco dove outback. Big girl will be 4 and little girl will be 2

    Comments or advice?

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    Thought at the moment is quick travel to the tip (say 2 days?)
    So you guys can go from cains to the tip in 48 hours non stop , i suppose is the idea or did i read this wrong.

    if that is so i wouldnt have imagine it possible .cryky


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      I would suggest slow down. Yes we came back to Cairns last time in two days, but what a rush. There's plenty to see in both directions. I like doing the Tele the common way. That'll take at least two days if you rush. We spent 18 days Cairns to Cairns. It'll be 5 weeks this time. If you get to the top in 2 days it could feel a bit of an anticlimax after the tip.
      Greg - 08 D4D Prado,
      Some trips done - Cape York, Fraser Island, Simpson Desert / Central Aust, Vic High Country.


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        Will be leaving Cairns on 16 July and booked into Punsand Bay on the 19th.


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          Youíll love punsand bay...
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            Youíll love punsand bay itís the best place to stay albeit the road in becomes a goat track once youíre on Torres Strait land. At least it was in 2014 & 2016.. punsand bay has a great bar and restaurant by cape york standards. Take a 15minute helicopter ride while youíre at punsand bay itís well worth it... have you camera ready
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              Have a look at this guide the woman that owns it lives in Bamaga and is constantly updating and provide road conditions every month or so via email
              On this page you have Cape York News back issues from the newsletter by


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