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TJM Suspension Upgrade-Prado 150 Series

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  • TJM Suspension Upgrade-Prado 150 Series

    This suspension was installed on a Prado GXL 150 Series 2016 Model. The TJM site has this Prado model in the Nov 2013-Oct 2017 range. Parts might be suitable for earlier/later models but I can’t confirm that.
    Installed by TJM Kilsyth in Nov 2018, done about 40000 kms

    Reason for sale : Did a GVM upgrade on Prado so suspension replaced

    Specifications and part descriptions:
    Front Springs : XGS Coil, Raised 50-80Kg, SKU:770FRHD88I
    Front Struts : XGS Series 4000 XS, SKU:659XS188L
    Note : XGS Top Strut Mounts are fitted but are a separate component when suspension purchased new.
    Rear Springs : XGS Coil, Rear Raised 150Kg, SKU:770RR88IT
    Rear Shocks : XGS Series 4000XT 40mm, SKU:650XS288L
    Front strut lower bushes were a bit worn so have been replaced with new. Bush kit included parts for top and bottom so top components are included.
    New price for above components approx. $1550
    Price : $400
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