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Transmission slipping after atf change

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  • Transmission slipping after atf change

    Hey guys, Yesterday I changed my auto trans fluid , I cycled through 11.5 litres from the front radiator connection , as mention in other posts, since the new fluid went in the transmissions been slipping , I resorted to putting the old fluid back it just to drive it!

    any reason why this would happen , used Penrite full synthetic as recommended here

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    How do you know the transmission is slipping? What are the symptoms. Also, how did you set the fluid level?
    2008 GXL D4D + Option Pack 1, Safari snorkel, factory alloy bar, dual battery system, Lovells TFR-118/TRR119 Springs, Bilstein Shocks, Prodigy P3 brake controller, factory tow bar, Orac coupling.


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      Penrite LV or FS?

      i changed mine to FS. tranny didnít like it. Held gears out longer. Quick to come out of torque lock up.

      Changed back to genuine and itís problem solved
      11/06 kdj120 gx wide body auto


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        If the gearbox worked with the old oil, then something wasn't right with the oil that you used.

        2010 Silver GXL Prado 150, D4D Auto, with a few non standard bits


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          I hate Penrite oils. If it worked OK before and the only thing you did was an oil change then there you go.
          Anither sad Penrite tale.


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            the previous owner had never changed the ATF the car has 330k , he said he thought it was a sealed unit and didnt need a service, the ATF that came out was black a the ace of spades and as thick as tomato sauce.


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              Having trouble with auto trans shaking when in reverse when cold but dosn't do it all the time.
              toyota told me that they would have to pressure test it and depending on outcome trans may have to come out.
              prado gxl 2008 has only done 107k and trans has never been serviced was told it is a sealed unit.