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Bullbar breakage - parts list help (120)

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  • Bullbar breakage - parts list help (120)

    Hi All,

    This is hard to explain, but here goes.

    On a recent trip to NW WA the left hand part of my bull bar came loose. Not the mounting sections to the vehicle, but the round tube that from's the top of the bar which has come loose from the lower section at the point where it bends down and meets (bottom corner kinda). It looks like it was bolted in as the round tube section has a thread. I cannot get the other side off to see the size of the bolt and cannot find any parts diagrams online.

    any help would be great.


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    A picture of your bullbar would help immensely.
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        Sovereign bar - we had a few of those fall apart on our work 120s out in the central lands.
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          These always break or fall out on corrugations. From memory it is about 22 mm and fiddly to get to. Take the bolt out and put Loktight on it first. Tighten every bolt on the bull bar as there will be other loose ones. If the bit is broken just get it welded up [ done that too.] On a corrugated trip expect to tighten these sovereign bars up a few times.


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            Photo attached I hope. If anyone can tell me the bolt thread pattern so I can get one it would be awesome. Toyota want $300 for a kit!!! Or I'll weld it.
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              Step 30. Install M12 x 35 bolt, flat and spring washer.
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                Legend. Thanks.

                On closer inspection the thread in the bar work looks pretty worn so I may end up welding it anyway. I'll try a bolt first.


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