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Prado 120 - Motor Shield and workshop manual pdf

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  • Prado 120 - Motor Shield and workshop manual pdf

    Hi All,
    First post here, just picked up a 120 series diesel, have found some great info on here already.

    One thing I haven't found is what a "motor shield" is? Here's a photo of the unit which is under the bonnet.. I'm thinking perhaps electronic rust protection.. but not sure and Google isn't helping? If it is ERPS I can see this has mixed feedback so will research more on that one before perhaps disconnecting..

    The second item I'm after is a pdf of the workshop manual, I can see there are pdf copies floating around, can someone message me a link?

    Motor Shield

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    Ni idea, but if it has a flashing light on might be a rust protection system?
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      Yeh it has a blue flashing light. Bit unusual to not find some doco online for something like this, would be keen to hear more info if anyone out there can add anything on what this does?


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        What is your location lakelad? I have seen old links to motorshield (paint protection) in South Africa ( Also, where do the wires from this unit go to?
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          3 wires, more than likely rust protection. rip out and throw in bin.. useless.