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  • That's correct. Seems too low to me but it hasn't dropped that much after the initial settle in. I would look at springs rather than spacers but that is just me. Have a look through some builds and the suspension database thread and compare accessories and springs. I did have OME in our 120 for a few months before I sold it and it was too high and stiff in my opinion. I cannot remember the part numbers though it may be in that thread somewhere. Ironman bar and AGM battery, no winch and I recall medium springs aiming for 50mm lift but ended up around 810 both sides. Rear was too soft and had to fit another spring there to get decent rake.
    My 150 build -


    • Thanks Mj . I had never expected them to sag like that so I had never measured them but being 1 year and 10000k old I would begrudge forking out extra cash to fix this. I don't know a hell of a lot about suspension & that is why I got ARB to install these based on current weight with also being able to accommodate a future winch.
      Thanks again Matt
      2008 120 GX D4D with a few extras
      Rig build here


      • Hey Guys,
        *Rehashing old post*
        Can anyone recommend a quality ARB dealership in Syd (willing to travel for quality) to get OME fitted. After reading through all 22 pages and looking at what i was quoted i have a vote of no confidence in the dealership or potentially a Muppet sales person.

        After telling the bloke i use the car daily carrying loads between 40 and 100kg in the rear and as a weekend warrior with camping gear on roof and dog in the boot. (max 250kg) the bitch is a bit over weight (dog) but after 9 pups who wouldn't and the occasional heavy tow (2T boat summer only)
        Up front these is bull bar, dual batt, bashplate, spotties, all fitted, with a winch to come (next year)
        and after reading the last 22 pages (on work time) im glad i told to bloke to hold fire for a day or 2. as it's as obvious as tits on a bull this setup will go to shit in 12 months and my front end will be sagging worse than an old ladies pair of super dooper whopper floppers.

        2883 Coil
        90000 Sport Strut
        OME3133 Upper Strut Bush Hilux 05On
        OMETH002 Top Hat Hilux 05
        2896 Coil
        60112 Sport Shock
        OME661 Shock Stoneguard-
        WHEEL ALIGNMENT - would you recommend waiting till the 500 km check? or best to get it done at time of fitting.

        From Chippy's post way back on page 3 backed by numerous support from others with similar set ups I would be leaning toward
        with potential firestone airbags installed later if needed
        Does this sound right? a little brain fried after all the reading

        Current ride height
        740 - 745
        775 - 775

        I curious as to the reason for these
        OME3133 Upper Strut Bush Hilux 05On
        OMETH002 Top Hat Hilux 05

        nobody else has mentioned having this work done at the same time, can anyone shed some light here?

        Price seem to have inflated as much as Sydney house market over the years.
        Quoted $2300 (tell him he's dreaming)

        Would love to hear how everyone's setup is getting along with some trips under the belt and as always thoughts and feedback would be greatly welcomed.
        Also #SUNDAY if your still out there how is your setup going?



        • As far as I am aware, the Prado 150/FJ Cruiser/Hilux strut tops are all the same but the Prado 120 strut tops are a little shallower.

          You can see the differences in the photos attached, my guess is that ARB only stock the Hilux/Prado 150 strut top.

          "Sure it’s quiet, for a diesel, but that’s like being well-behaved… for a murderer."- Jeremy Clarkson


          • Originally posted by Pradodo View Post
            Hey Guys,

            I curious as to the reason for these
            OME3133 Upper Strut Bush Hilux 05On
            OMETH002 Top Hat Hilux 05

            Usually quoted for good measure to cover themselves - neither will likely be required, but just in case.

            OME3133 is the top hat bush
            OMETH002 comes with the bush in the box - it's a complete top hat assembly.

            Cars that are neat and tidy and mostly on bitumen will likely never need them.
            Cars that have had a tough offroad life will usually need one or both bushes.
            Cars that have had a suspension (poorly) fitted previously may likely have chewed out the top hat assembly, needing full replacement.

            I've got V6, bar/battery with 2883/90000
            Drawers/rack/fridge/light-medium tow loads and 2896/60004 (and OME661 stone guards)

            Drives great.

            Car isn't with me but can check heights another time if you like.


            • Doesn't seem to be a lot of chatter on here anymore..

              Cheers Stuwey and Peterpilot my girl still has factory suspension "good measure" is a good enough reason for me to get them done.


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