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Card holder in glove box removal

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  • Card holder in glove box removal

    G’day got a 2018 VX and apparently the card holder in the glove box is a good place to stash a compact uhf radio box and given the dimensions of a Redarc brake controller is similar I’m gonna try to place it in there.. the issue being is how does it come out?
    2018 VX Prado

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    You have to disassemble much of the area.
    I had the same concept in mind when I installed my GME UHF radio, but wound up installing it on the left-hand side bulkhead behind the glove-box, close to the big cable grommet leading into the engine compartment.
    There are two conveniently located M6 threaded bolt holes about 100mm apart. I made a bracket out of a 3mm x 50mm flat bar Aluminium as a mounting base for the radio and bolted it to the bulkhead using the available bolt holes, and screwed the radio mounting bracket to it.

    The rough sequence for disassembling the area, from vague memory, involves:

    - remove the glove-box
    - unclip the plastic door-step trim on the floor, and remove
    - peel back the forward rubber door seal, and hang forward of the door somewhere
    - unclip the vertical plastic plate (airbag cover?) between the door and the LHS of the glove-box, and remove
    - unclip/unscrew the vertical plastic panel at the bottom/LHS of the foot-well, and remove
    - unclip (carefully) the horizontal shiny thin black plastic trim that runs along the top of the glove-box area, and remove
    - unscrew/unbolt the horizontal plastic base under the glove-box compartment, and remove
    - unscrew/unbolt the plastic glove-box compartment, taking care not to rip the attached cable, and remove

    The sequence is important as there are hidden/interlocking clips and bolts.

    There is also a padded vertical plastic trim on the LHS of the centre console in the foot-well that may need to be levered out.

    The whole area behind the glove-box is now accessible including the glove-box compartment (which is now removed) and that card holder.

    Ive pulled this area apart about four times (don't ask). If you have any queries happy to help.
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      Yep RPP That’s exactly what I did.. but for the brake controller..I noted that there is a nice bit of space behind where the card holder if you care to remove it... I placed my radio at the base of my console in front of the cup holders ... had to remove a few panels and make a bracket ... no as easy as old beast... thanks Rrp
      2018 VX Prado