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Where to mount ICOM 450 UHF radio ?

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  • Where to mount ICOM 450 UHF radio ?

    Got an ICOM 450 to mount in my 2019 GXL and looking for suggestions. Is there somewhere under the dash where it can be easily and solidly mounted ?

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    Depends what other gear you have.
    Most owners go on the panel left side behind the glove box making use of the tapped holes in the body.
    Centre console has plenty of space ahead of the gear stick but that’s where most will fit their trailer brake unit.


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      Might have to have a look under the console. Mounting on the passenger kick panel doesn't work on a GXL, Toyota have used the holes for something already


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        Not the kick panel, up much higher. Need glove box out and there’s plenty of space against the “A” pillar base region.
        You might fit a brake controller one day and the section ahead of the gear stick is ideal to mount its black box.


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          The kick panel is on the lhs of the wheel well. Think you’ll find carco was referring to behind the glovebox, straight shed from passenger seat. Once you remove the glovebox, there is plenty of space there, at least on my GXL..

          edit; haha carco beat me to it...


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