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GME UHF aerial cap when the aerial is removed

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  • GME UHF aerial cap when the aerial is removed

    I have a GME UHF, with a AE4707B aerial , I tend to remove it when in the city, as people steal them, but if I remove the aerial, the connector bit it exposed, I have looked, but can someone suggest a screw in cap, that is the same thread as the aerial, but that covers the spring loaded base connector, so rain, etc doesn't get in.

    cheers, Simon

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    GME make a rubber waterproofing cap to go over the spring base. Its part number is CA004


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      The link to that GME accessory shows what appears to be a simple flexible cap. Are you after something more sophisticated? I have a detachable aerial on my boat. The part on the boat has a slip-on cap. To keep weather and moisture out of end of the aerial when it is removed, I simply purchased a round chair leg rubber from Clark Rubber (and couple of spares to go in the glove box.). Cheap and works.
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        Only issue with that is finding a 41mm chair tip. A lot stop at 32mm.


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          I think what Piggy mentioned should be fine, I had in my mind that there was something that would screw in. I'll buy two cap things, in case I lose one.
          Thanks guys.


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