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ABS Codes C1452 and C1256

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  • ABS Codes C1452 and C1256

    I have a FIXD sensor ( installed in my 2012 Prado 150 GXL and recently the app has started reporting the following errors:
    C1452 - Traction Control Motor Short Circuit to Battery
    C1256 - ABS Inlet Valve Coil RR Circuit Short to Battery

    There are no error lights on the dashboard and I haven't noticed any difference in driving/braking.

    The Toyota TechDoc describes both codes as Acumulator Low Pressure. Document here for reference :

    I have followed the depress brake 40 times procedure but the error is still there.

    The only related change I can think of is that all 4 brake pads were replaced in the last service. Brake fluid levels are OK.

    Just wanted to check if anyone else has come across this or has any experience.

    Thanks in advance.