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Auto Shudder between 4th and 5th low revs under load

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  • Auto Shudder between 4th and 5th low revs under load

    I have been reading threads on this Prado issue. I can't find any posts that confirm the actual problem.
    My 2010 is in at Toyota as we speak. Transmission software upgrade last night has not fixed the issue.
    Now pulling gearbox pan off and cleaning, checking all filter, sensors and solenoids. Then test drive.
    Has anyone found a fix for this issue?
    Toyota Australia seem to have no clue?

    Update for anyone with similar issues. Surging trans at a stop, minor clunk in some gear changes intermittently, mostly annoying but not unbearable.
    Major concern was the shudder that came after last major service at 160K.
    After gearbox pan removal and major clean and flush of all components, auto is back to normal/like new.
    Relief that it was not a gearbox rebuild, but still $500.00 out of pocket.
    Someone might be able to post a better maintenance regime for gearboxes to avoid this scenario.

    I hope this information helps someone.
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    On further investigation it is worth noting that very surprisingly Toyota does not change the oil in the auto transmission at any service interval
    Toyota confirmed this on questioning and said they only service the trans on request. this is also the case for fuel filters which i found out at Uluru.


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      I get a clunk or harsh shift between 4th to 5th gear in my auto. No idea why. Transmission recently serviced with Toyota WS. A few times I have had a harsh clunk from the transmission which seemed random but this has only happened a couple times in the last 7000kms.


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        Change of oil will fix all symptoms. Quite a known fact.. Well worth changing oils at 50k intervals and a full flush at 100k intervals.


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          I had my transmission filter changed and oil changed twice in 5,000kms and still the 4th to 5th isn't the best. Might be a drive-line issue. Not sure.