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  • Torque Converter Rebuild

    Hi all,

    Posting here because I cant find much info on this.

    I have a 2010 GXL Prado (diesel) thats been throwing up the following fault code for a while now:
    P2757 - Torque Converter Clutch Press Control Solenoid Control Circuit Performance or Stuck Off
    It also started shuddering when driving at speeds around 1500rpm (going up hills around 80km/hr).

    I had the transmission flushed/serviced etc which stopped the shudder, but not the code along with warning lights on the dash are back. Had the codes checked again and its the same as above.

    My transmission place has recommended now to get the torque converter rebuilt. He stated that when they did the service the fluid was very off colour and has some sediment in it. Been quoted $2500 for the rebuild assuming no other issues found.

    Does this seem reasonable? Or can someone shed some light on whether its essential to get done ASAP? My normal mechanic didnt seem too stressed about it, but hes not a transmission guy so im inclined to believe that I need the rebuild. Only bought the car a few months ago so guessing I got unlucky!...Any help or input would be great.

    Note that the dashlights that come up are the engine light (solid), 4LO (flashing), and slip indicator (solid).

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    How many k’s.
    Did she do towing in previous life?
    $2500 drive in drive out is OK but it might blow out if they find more damage. Around $3000 worst case.


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      It’s got electric brakes and a caravan power hookup (whatever it’s called) so it’s definitely towed in the past. Came from out west so potentially been flogged a bit.
      Sounds like it’s not unreasonable to need the rebuild which makes it slightly easier to accept.


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        I’m surprised your transmission man couldn’t troubleshoot more accurately. He can test the converter stall and clutch shudder on a test drive.
        As for solenoids, that’s a bit more involved but if he’s at all clever he can pinpoint if any solenoid is sticking all in his test drive.
        Those flashing lights should have no bearing on your trany either, I would have queried that.
        Trany faults will normally flash the A/T overheat warning light, not the CEL.
        Typically when you get the Christmas tree dash lights it’s an alternator problem.


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          Carco - unsurprisingly with my luck I've had a startability code come up once, and twice in the last 2 weeks when ive started it the starter motor sounds like its satyed on for a second after the car has started.
          Dunno if its coincidence or the starter motor is packing it in. Does this sound like a starter motor issue?


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            Sounds very much like my issue with my 2010 VX with 260000. It started intermittently shuddering around 80kms and then got to the point where it just couldn’t change between 4 and 5 and would shudder most of the time. Fluid change solved all the problems but it’s just started to come back.

            my mechanic said a fluid change can hide other issues temporarily, sounds about right it’s been 4 months of trouble free driving until now. He asked me to check for leaks and will inspect next week, he is expecting that it will need a new (or refurbished) torque converter.

            Tranny fluid is not on the service list but should be, mine was cooked after 230000, not surprised.

            not sure how much to compare, he reckons it will cost more in labour than the parts.


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              Does it have a aftermarket torque converter lockup fitted? They will cause a juddering at around 1500 RPM if left activated in D and on low speed lockup.


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