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    Has anyone swapped the main battery in a 150 series to one with M8 bolts? If so, what did yo do with the factory terminals, or did you just use screw-in terminal posts?

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    Get some good quality brass terminals and some 3mm copper strap, then you can do as these photos show.


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      It's not the terminals I'm interested in. It's the posts. Thanks.


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        Perhaps you could tell us why you want to swap your battery out and change over to different terminal posts. I've never had a problem with the standard SAE (tapered) Posts in 50 years of driving - they're tough and reliable.


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          The lithium batteries I'm installing don't have posts. Agree that posts are reliable, but they're not the default for lithium batteries.


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            If your going to install a Lithium cranker think carefully about what might happen if the alternator voltage regulator was to fail for instance and goes high. If the Lithium has an inbuilt BMS and disconnects due to the high voltage there is no longer anything to hold the voltage down and it will rise dramatically.

            You can buy quality brass terminal posts to fit Lithium batteries so you don't need to change the present setup if you don't want to.
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