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  • DPF % recalculating

    To add a little more to the posts about the DPF % recalculating and reducing after going quickly up after a burn I have started logging.
    I attach a log of Time, RPM, Soot %, Differential Pressure, DPF temperature and 5th injector status. This although very interesting to me could be a cure for insomnia for others. At least it is only a 10 minute burst with readings taken every second. There are more logs!
    I am logging because I have covered a lot of Kms lately and the last three regens have always resulted in a big recalculation, one was 88 down to 44 which is identical to that reported by DaveC on the Fortuner forum. The recalculation happens mostly when starting a fresh journey with a cold engine.
    The second reason is that the service manager at my dealership says this does not happen.
    Although this log doesn't show it, the % fell to 40 then hovered around 40/42 for a long time before beginning to rise again. I do have logs for this but will spare you from seeing them unless you are as sad as me and actually want to. Next log will hopefully be before, during and after a regen.