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  • Fuel System KDJ150R Diesel

    Hey Gang - I have the standard dual fuel tanks and am wondering how the fuel fill works so both tanks are filled from the single fuel fill point. If the fuel fill point is connected to the main tank how is the sub-tank filled from the main tank when the ignition is off? How is it possible for the sub-tank to be filled at the same time as the bowser fills the main tank? Thanks for any assistance with this.

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    my understanding is that the 2 tanks are link via a pipe "open pipe that balances/equals the tanks". so its basically really one big tank. there is only one pump that pumps fuel to the engine. they arent two seperate systems that can be isolated or selected for use.


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      There is a T junction on the filler hose near the top. You can see it when you look under the vehicle.
      The main tank is straight thru' so fills up first. Then the sub-tank fills up.


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        The sub-tank also has a 'breather'.
        It's well hidden. Its mounted on the chassis above the rear axle on a short hose (about 300mm) which is connected to a 'T' connector on another hose that comes off the sub-tank.
        Make sure that the breather isn't clogged (which it will be if you've driven thru mud).
        It gets annoyingly hard to fill the sub-tank from a hi-flow bowser otherwise, you'll have to slow the fuel flow down till the bowser stops clicking off.


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