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LPG Conversion of the 150 V6

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  • LPG Conversion of the 150 V6


    Apologies if there are existing threads on this topic, but I am new here and couldn't find a thread specifically relating to the V6 in the Australian 150. Please refer me to existing threads if they exist.

    I am in the market for a 150 and am considering the Diesel vs Petrol question. I know that many consider diesel the best option for off-road, and mine will certainly be going there, but there is also the $$$ question. IE Toyota charge more for the D4 and Diesel is not getting cheaper and the gap between it and Petrol may widen if economists are right about increasing fuel demand from Asia. This started me thinking abt an LPG conversion, which although it has an up from cost, does bring with it a much lower fuel cost and Government incentives.

    Does anyone have any direct experience of the success or otherwise of LPG conversions of the V6 4.0L in the Australian 150 ??


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    There is a thread available on this topic.
    In short yes, the 4.0L V6 can be run on LPG but not without some potential drawbacks. The V6 petrol engine was not engineered to run on gas. Vehicles manufactured to use LPG generally have much harder valves, valve seats and reinforced con-rods. I believe that Toyota do not recommend LPG conversions (for a number of reasons), and you will most likely have warranty issues if you convert a brand new 150.

    There are some guys running LPG on their 4.0L V6 FJ cruisers in the US and are reporting around 17-18L/100lkm using LPG. I personally wouldn't mess with what is a well engineered and pretty fuel efficient motor. I can venture into the 11's/100km with my 120 series out on the highway which isn't too shabby. If the D4D is too pricey just remember that the cost of getting a quality LPG system fitted and tuned will not be cheap.
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      I hav an 04 prado on petrrol / LPG. Am more than happy with it. I have had a diesel jackaroo and the running cost wasnt great. If you remember about 4 - 5 years ago when fuel price skyroceted. It was no joy to tow a van on a trip with diesel. I actually went and used my old V8 statesman on gas to tow as it was heaps cheaper and did the job just as well if not better. I sold the diesel and bought a prado and put it on gas. The power differece in none. Toyotas are actually known to gain a little on LPG. I get approx 275kms to 60ltrs gas towing a 1.5 ton van at appros 90kmh. If I get heavy footed and sit at 110kmh then its 225km per tank. I have had gas cars for the last 22years and never had an enginge failure of any sort in that time. I had a diesel and yes they tow well but one huge factor to consider or even 2 is where do you do most of your driving and is the price of diesel worth it and the other is the serviing costs. The prado on gas is far less than the diesel. I have an injected gas 04 prado and an injected gas VY commodore V6 on gas and am extremely happy with both. If you consider gas get the IMPCO system as they use metal injectors . Sprintgas use plastic. Have heard some horror stories regarding those. The injected gas is idiot proof as when the car runs out of gas it automatically goes to petrol. Also it starts on petrol and when it gets to a certain temp it goes automatically to gas. When gas runs out an alarm sounds to let you know its on petrol. Best system. No matter what you still have 2 tanks of fuel so its no loss as the mileage. Yes diesel gets a bit further but at what cost difference. Miles per gallon. Prado on gas, about 350km to 60ltrs gas around town. have got 400 once on a trip sitting at 90kmh not towing. usually 370 -380km . not on cruise either. Find it uses a little more. on petrol i get using 98 octane approx 14 - 15 ltrs per 100km Dont use petrol that much, hardly ever. Gas burns cleaner to. No carbon deposits in the oil. Longer engine life. Availability for gas is fine as far as I m concered. If you go bush then ok it may be a little hard to get but I havent had that prob. If you do, use petrol. No big deal. Hope this helps. Cheers Jeff


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        I've had 2 Petrols and 1 Diesel Prado since 2004. (Currently driving a Petrol 150 series). I have towed a 2 ton caravan with both. I have not had LPG fitted as stated above - the heads are not designed to take LPG.

        This is a summary of what I have observed since 2004 (my first Petrol Prado purchase).

        Apparently (I have been told) 80% of Prados are Diesel, 20% are Petrol
        The Petrol is cheaper to buy brand new, and you wont get as much for it second hand (by a similar amount).

        In my experience and opinion (they are like @ssholes - everyone has one )
        The Petrol is much more fun to drive day to day
        The Diesel is better when towing as the fuel usage doesnt change as significantly with Diesel - Its worth noting that I only tow for about 4000km out of 25000km each year.
        Diesel prices are not that great when India and China demand is high - like it is currently. The gap has grown to as much as 30c / litre just before the GFC.
        My Diesel had the injector issues and engine mount issues. The diesel is still great, but the Petrol is just smoother and a more quiet drive.

        Do you sums on the gas conversion costs and how long it will take to repay the initial investment. Also consider the increased tax (excise) the Government is adding each year which will make LPG more expensive. Also consider the cost of an earlier engine rebuild due to premature wear in the heads of the V6.

        Thats all that comes to mind right now,
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          Originally posted by blw View Post
          Also consider the cost of an earlier engine rebuild due to premature wear in the heads of the V6.

          Spot on. Most people (maybe all) dont factor this in when doing the equations and if you intend to keep the vehicle long term (over 200ks) then it is an important cost. At the very least ring a head reconditioning place and ask them the cost to recondition the heads on a V6 prado including new hard valve seats. Then call a garage and ask them how much to remove and replace a pair of heads that you supply. You may want to have some smelling salts at hand.

          (tell them you are going to buy a high mileage 120 series blah blah )

          Then do the sums.

          Truly, in the long run they probably end up pretty close to even and the fuel is a small cost of the overall vehicle costs. I wouldnt be bothered with gas myself. Why screw with a fantastic vehicle and lpg places can be hit and miss with quality.
          2009 120 V6 Auto. 265/70/17 Goodyear Silent Armours. Bilsteins and Kings Springs.


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            I have recently have my Parado 3.4Liter 2002 converted to LPG Vapour not injected I can only get 325 on Highway for 69 liters, any advise to improve fuel economy?



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              i have a prado 2005 v6 automatic converted to liquid injection..i get 450km on the hway from 58 litres..
              in the city i get 280kms....but i do very short trips(which does not help.....)
              everybody says that it will destroy the engine, heads etc.......the way i look at it is if my engine does
              200000kms and i have to recondition the heads, then it is worth it......every engine at thet kind of mileage
              will need some kind of work....i chenge the oli and filters every 5000kms, actually the whole car gets a check at
              thet every service....last week i did 280 kms and it cost me $33.00 that is cheap....



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                Originally posted by GXL05 View Post
                .the way i look at it is if my engine does
                200000kms and i have to recondition the heads, then it is worth it......every engine at thet kind of mileage
                will need some kind of work....
                No engine should be having work at 200k unless it hasn't been serviced or its been overheated. Most petrols should be hitting the 350k mark at least before being touched and that should normally be a set of rings and bearings. Your fuel costs seem to be about half what my diesel is running at so it is definately worth looking at. Wonder how it works out once you add in the cost of install and new heads.
                2009 120 V6 Auto. 265/70/17 Goodyear Silent Armours. Bilsteins and Kings Springs.


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                  200k was just a number i picked...i was trying to make a point....
                  my mileage is almost the same as with petrol....i've had it for 2 years
                  and so far so good.....and the way i service the prado i will probably
                  retire with it....



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                    Also use LPG on my Lexus GX460.
                    Engine 1URFE


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