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Prado size vs 200

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  • Prado size vs 200

    Hi all,

    Am currently investigating selling my old 100 series and "trading up".

    I have been trying to compare the 200 and the Prado, and keep hearing people saying that the 200 is so much bigger.
    Looking at the raw stats from the Toyota website, the 200 is 10cm wider and 8cm higher, but 5cm shorter.

    Does this really make such a difference in daily usage?

    Thanks for any opinions!
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    its the extra 4 cylinders and turbo that make it a joy


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      Agreed the bigger motor is definitely a huge plus!

      I should have been more precise with my question:

      Watching a number of reviews there were comments that the 200 series is too large for day to day driving in the city, although it doesn't seem that much bigger than the Prado. Or do the extra 10cm width really make such a difference, like parking etc?


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        they are potentially tight with wing mirrors needing to be folded in to get into smaller carports


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          It has a greater towing capacity.
          But its costlier, heavier, drinks more fuel, doesn't have any better payload carrying capacity.
          Bull bars, wheel carriers etc will be bigger/heavier and eat into your GVM.

          But it depends on what you want the vehicle to do.
          If you are towing a heavy trailer long distances, or rock crawling the 200 might be for you.
          If you need a GVM Upgrade make sure that the model you are interested doesn't prohibit it due to KDSS or any other fancy gear.


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            Turning circles are almost identical.
            200 is sooooo much more refined than a 150. Like a limo with its quiet power.
            Seating seems to have you sitting a bit higher in the 200 and of course you can't compare the 200's armchairs to the 150's park benches.
            I also love the 200's tailgate, never thought I would.
            Downside is rego and insurance costs plus that spare wheel in the dirt.
            If you're towing, it's not worth digging up the economy argument especially if you converter lock the 200 which is pretty well a must do.
            If you want a lot of horses, you have to feed them.


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              If you have a 100 itís similar in size maybe a tiny bit wider ? And way you sit in the car is a lot diffrent too.. I had a 80 vx sahara series and 105 series standard and the 150 prado a world ahead of these cars especially for comfort.. but saying that I rather the feel of older cars compared to new ones..

              id love a 200 Series itís just the price Diffrents and if we can afford to upgrade when in few years time we will if not Iím more then happy to keep the 2018 prado for years to come.. and they are very capable off road straight off the factory floor


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                what do you plan of using the car for. If its towing hands down the 200 all day. The prado is a slug


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                  Re the overall length, Prado has the spare on the boot which is why theyíre a longer car than a 100, 200 etc.
                  Yes theyíre a touch wiider but the seating position gives an excellent view of the corners, as does the Prado.


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                    BTW I have an old 90 and the 150 plus Iím baby sitting my sonís 200 so Iím in a good position to
                    Like Gurilla said, the old cars have a terrific feel about them. The 90ís seats are almost as good as the 200 and sheís a 2001 model. Iím looking at replacing the 150ís seats as they kill my back.
                    Something to consider when buying 2nd hand is the Euro bolt ons. Havenít met anyone with a late model 200 who would recommend their new car compared to the Euro zero model they traded for it.


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                      They say the 200 is shorter, but..... I have both sitting in my garage. The 200 is longer in real life. Both mine have ARB bars and towbars. 200 is about 150-180mm longer side by side.

                      Id take a 200 over a prado any day, so much better to drive, and power.. well, it doesn't run out..

                      Fuel economy in the 200 is better than a v6 Prado. And regularly see 11.5 per 100 on highway in the 200.

                      I dont find any issue with the size around the city.


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                        ARB winch bar protrudes a long way out front. Have you noticed if it jiggles when driving on the rough stuff?


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                          200 series for sure
                          i have a December 2017 prado current shape
                          and i regret it the day i drove it home,
                          its has no power what so ever
                          the seats hurt my back when i drive it for more then an hour, fuel consumption crap 12l per 100kms and thats taking it easy on the throttle, my hiace 3.0l 1kd get 10l per 100kms and i thrash that thing to the ground, in the end ive given it to the wife to drive


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                            Yeah I have to agree the 2.8 is a slug and I Iím not a fan of the fuel saving gear changes.. feels like the cars struggling and about to stall

                            father inlaw has. Prado 120 with the 3l 1kd even though the 150 has more power on the paper the 120 feels a lot quicker especially taking off and over taking.. I havnt over took with the 2.8 but Iím a lil hesitant ? The 120 is rear wheel drive though compared to a constant 4x4 in the 150

                            low range crawling 150 is awesome on the beach in places I would use high range and on dunes Iím using low range in the 150


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                              yer i had the 120 prado diesel manual and 120 v6 auto shits all over the 2.8 150